Millennial and Smartphones

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Millennial and Smartphones

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Millennial and Smartphones
Millennial is the term that is used to refer to those persons born in between the early 1980s and early 2000s. They are alternatively known as Generation “Y.” Various events have occurred but of the greatest impact is the use of technology for entertainment and communication, business, and education. The invention of smartphones have had the greatest impact, and it is projected to continue changing the life of the generation “Y.”
Smartphones have made communication among the millennial more convenient. Long ago, for a video call one had to look for a computer with a web camera. Current the smartphones have web cameras that are more convenient with high resolution to use as compared to those on the computers. The smartphones have many platforms for communication since they support a various application of social media like Facebook, which connects the whole world.
For online banking services, millennial is characterized by the sedentary lifestyle, they can buy and sell straight from their couch as they watch their movies and eating ice cream. Platforms like PayPal and other are an example, and this system is simple as compared to traditional means, where they were supposed to queue in a bank for deposit or withdrawal.
E-learning is one of the greatest gift millennial gets from smartphones. They can download and share online books, they do assignments and via platforms like drop box submit their complete assignment. They easily read and share news updates on current events that keep them the update on just a tap on their smartphones screen.
In conclusion, millennial has experienced the greatest impact from technological advancements they have seen over the years. The improvement is expected to continue changing their lives, communication, education and conducting business in the simplest and convenient way are a few areas in their life that have been impacted.

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