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Military Policing In Mexico

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Military Policing In Mexico

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Subcategory: Criminal Justice

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Military Policing In Mexico
The basic assumption is that the development of insurgencies and protests regarding corruption and the war concerning drug trafficking have resulted in an increase in the involvement of the military when it comes to the activities of the policies and ensuring order in the society (Cerrah & Haberfeld 114). Military involvement is perceived to trouble a majority of the Mexican citizens due to the associated fatalities. One way that military initiatives have negatively affected citizens is the management of organized crime. The involvement of the military has resulted in open warfare causing the deaths of the citizens. Open warfare has resulted in an increase in public disturbance and death tolls resulting in security issues (Cerrah & Haberfeld 114). The management of popular insurgency is also associated with the disturbances of Mexico’s internal security with respect to the number of fatalities and casualties associated with the guerilla warfare (Cerrah & Haberfeld 114). It can be viewed that inasmuch as the military purposes to control the level of organized crime and popular insurgencies, the general public is affected as it is not protected during the attacks between the criminals and the military.
One of the factors that could negatively affect the views of the citizens concerning the police is the illegitimacy associated with private security institutions. The private security ins…

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