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Microtheme: Posing a Question

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Microtheme: Posing a Question

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Composition

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Microtheme: Posing a Question
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Microtheme: Posing a Question
Why is the boy in the picture happily holding a bunch of stones in his hands? It might be because he was suddenly stopped by a passerby, and informed to pose for a photo, but a child holding stones cannot be the ideal photo that can be desirable on a wall. However, maybe there is another reason. Perhaps he was informed to clear the stones because of a mudslide that happened recently. Then again, when his clothes are looked at closely, they are not dirty, and the background itself is dry too. Interestingly, with all the background rocks, there must be another reason.
Maybe the young boy has decided to collect the stones for his personal use. This cannot be the case because the stones themselves are not intriguing enough to warrant their stay, but normal stones that can be found in the desert. On another note, the stones seem to be cared for, because the boy has embraced them with joy, maybe he wants to start collecting them to build a house for himself, but it cannot be the case because of his tender age.
Whether the boy is collecting stones because of photo shoot, personal use or clearing the place after a mudslide coupled with many other answers, it is vital to note that in reality children like playing with stones, he must be collecting them so that they can go and play with them together with his friends. Maybe his playmate decided to take the photo, and made him pose wit…

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