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Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Economics

Level: College

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The action of privatizing the royal company paralyzed the market performance of the enterprise, and its rival competitors took advantage over the same action. However, critiques had a lot of questions for the work of privatization of the company to the stakeholders, government ministers, banks and business advisors. This team was subject to the question why the share had rocketed to 87 percent. Royal Company and the Rival British mail delivery company deliver the parcel to clients. It seems the rejuvenation of the British company is increasing customer competition, and their services are outdoing the services of the newly privatized Royal Company. The Privatized Royal mail company is facing tough moments as the value of their shares are depreciating at a fast rate of almost 6.7 percent per annum. Considerably, this has led to the decrease in the company`s profit margins. The performance prompted the business analysts to pronounce it as the biggest faller in the blue-chip FTSE 100 index. It is observed that the tremendous changes are occurring because of its weak base and ability to face its competitors. The Higher performance of the close competitor`s royal rival British mail service delivery has posed an economic threat to the growth of the renowned company that seems to respond negatively to the growth of the rival Company.
On the contrary, Chief Executive Moya Greene is arguing that despite the p…

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