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Michael Brown Case

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Michael Brown Case
Michael Brown Case
Various cases have been reported around the United States about how police officers shoot people and especially the young youths. Michael Brown is one of the young stars shot by Darren Wilson, a police officer in Ferguson. Therefore, various authors have written articles of different titles to contribute in the whole matter and for the purpose of showing if justice has been applied. Meanwhile, some articles have been chosen in this case; first article is “Justifying Homicide” by Jamelle Bouie. The second one is that of NBC News “Daren Wilson says he feels remorse in Michael Brown killing in Ferguson.” The third article is “Darren Wilson described Michael Brown as ‘crazy’ intent on killing him.” Furthermore, the system of criminal justice has been trying to contemplate the whole matter so as to understand each of the two different positions. According to the protestors, justice will be shown if Wilson faces serious charges due to the actions of murder. Unfortunately, the court has its own ways of working things out with respect to justice. Therefore, this case aims at understanding grand jury’s decision following the information from different articles for the purpose of coming up with a conclusion of which side it has favored or if justice has been utilized.
However, in some cases police officers find themselves in a situation that shooting is the only option. For instance, the case of an unarmed person like in the incidence of Brown, Wilson had no option (NBC News, 2014). However, his life was also in danger since the teenager could have decided to shoot on the police. If the officer was shooting carelessly and in one way or the other shoots the young youth then grand jury could have the chance of imposing an indictment. The teenager was risking the lives of many people and hence to save the mass, Wilson had to take that call.
In addition, Michael Brown himself was targeting to shoot Wilson. He forced him on the corner to an extent of acting fast in order to save his life (Bouie, 2014).According to Wilson, Brown was crazy and seriously aiming on killing him if that what it took for him to escape. Before shooting for 12 rounds, Wilson was still being disturbed by various question of how he would survive as well as how he will live with the guilt after killing Brown (Johnson, 2014). Wilson addressed the whole issue as he was explaining how the whole incidence occurred. He says that “Brown was uncontrollable.” Moreover, he was huge and scaring to him. It is like he wanted to menace him up and shooting was the last option.
However, it is important to understand that the mass feels horrible and disgraced due to the whole incidence. Moreover, having experienced various cases of police shooting, they had no otherwise than to feel suppressed. Meanwhile, they could not find time to understand the situation Wilson was in; they took the initiative of generalizing all the cases of shooting and hence making a conclusion (Grinberg, 2014). Moreover, if Wilson had never acted then he would have been killed by Brown who could have continued to suppress people in the community. Therefore, following Wilson’s report on the incidence, grand jury has no evidence to convict him of the crime.
In conclusion, grand jury decision is fine considering Brown and Wilson side of view as well as the witnesses. Police officers find themselves shooting people but in most cases, it is the situation that forces them. In the incidence of Brown, Wilson could have done nothing but killing an unarmed teenager. Moreover, Brown saw Wilson as weak and hence decided to fight him back. However, as well as people in the community are trying to be protected by the police officers, they should also take the initiative of respecting and loving them.
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