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Metropolitan Career Center

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Metropolitan Career Center

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: University

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Metropolitan College Career Center
With the pressure on the Career Center to meet organizational demands by increasing student placement in the job market, the center made a cut mark that students needed to attain to access the services at the center. For any student to gain access to essential services at the center, they had to achieve a 2.5 GPA for humanities and 3.0 GPA for the sciences (Damaske 12). As a result, other students were denied access to essential services that the center offered that would improve their chances of getting employed. These services did not tie directly to getting the best fits for jobs posted by the hiring companies. Services such as cover letter and CV writing as well as other job-hunting skills were only accessible to students that the center termed as “job-worthy.” These skills play an integral part in landing a job regardless of the GPA qualifications of the student. The students lacked access to the job postings that were inclusive of casual employment that they would qualify for if given a chance. The constrained access thus further diminished the chances of the non-PRP students to get any job.
The Career Center at Metropolitan faced several organizational challenges concerning on-campus recruiting and networking. The staff’s main task was attracting and increasing on-campus recruitment. On the other hand, the local hiring companies showed relative disinterest in Metropolitan and its student…

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