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Methods of Measuring

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Methods of Measuring

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Measuring Methods
Measuring Methods
Perhaps a client could be dealing with anxiety. His or her progress can be determined through evaluating the health status during the condition. The questions that the study would be seeking to answer are as follows. What is the effect of anxiety on the health of the client? How can a person manage anxiety? Are there diseases associated with anxiety?
The severity and the symptoms of the condition will be the measures of the phenomenon. This condition will be conceptualized based on broader measures related to psychiatric distress, health questionnaire, Checklist-90 and the outcomes from the medical diagnosis instead of panic, posttraumatic disorder or even obsession. Specifically, what will be the response of the client to the effect of anxiety? What is the measure of psychiatric distress on the health of the patient? And finally, what would the checklist-90 indicate on the client’s well-being? The above questions will be answered by the customer and the clinical officers are, hence, operationalizing the whole idea.
Measurement plan
Item Indications whether acute or not severe
Patient questionnaires Checklist-90 symptoms Results from diagnosis Reliability
This is the extent to which consistency is achieved by a research tool while measuring results. For example, in this case, a test-retest technique will be used to achieve stable outcomes (Golafshani, 2003)
This is the degree to which a study inst…

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