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Methods of Measuring

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Methods of Measuring

Category: Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Human Services

Level: College

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Methods of Measuring:
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The client is an adolescent suffering from depression as a result of bullying by schoolmates. Understanding the nature and implications of depression of the client requires measurements, tests, and evaluation of status and progress with time. Through tests and measures, a social worker is able to research, gain insight as well as collect information about the phenomenon for the development of effective actions of diagnosis and treatment of such as a client (Depression, 2018).
In the case of the adolescent client suffering from depression, testing through assessments, interviews, inventories and rating scales can be instrumental in gaining a better understanding of what they are going through and can also be instrumental in helping them (Academic Guides: Tests & Measures, 2019). Through assessment and interviewing the patient and asking questions, a social worker can be able to measure, the level of depression the client is suffering from. A depression scale can also be instrumental in rating the severity of the phenomenon. The measuring elements can be used to gauge aspects such as weight loss, lack of interest, hopelessness, guilt, and fear.
Measuring depression can be assisted by the use of the following questions:
In the past school term period have you lost interests in school, friends?
In the past few months have feelings of sadness and hopelessness been overwhelming for you?
Have you lost inter…

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