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Methods for detecting medication errors

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Methods for detecting medication errors

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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This research assignment seeks to define the topic, medication errors. In addition, the paper identifies and justifies the various methods that are common in detecting medication errors. The paper involves references drawn from relevant works and researches from authors of this topic.
Medication error refers to the discrepancy that arises from a prescriber’s interpretation of medication order and the administered drug to the patient. Such errors arising include omission of a drug, unauthorized medication, wrong drug, and wrong technique of administration, wrong time, or wrong dosages CITATION Fly l 1033 (Flynn EA; Barker KN; Pepper GA; Bates DW& Mikeal RL). Medical errors can occur to either inpatient medication or outpatient medication.
Once such medication errors occur, there are always adverse consequences that occur in recipient patients and may trigger them to undertake legal proceeding citing negligence on the part of the medical practitioner. Such long-term implications of medication errors include prolonged hospitalization, increased discomfort from wrong drugs or dosage or increased mortalityCITATION Ger l 1033 (Montesi). However, the medics may try to justify the fact that an error did not occur therefore requiring subsequent audits to determine the extent of error and their prevalence.
Methods of Detecting Medication Errors
An estimated three-quarter of patients hospitalized die or face injur…

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