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Category: Essay

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Level: College

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April S. Cotton
ID# 22655218
Exam # 605847
December 14, 2017
At a delicate age of three to five years, the growth and health of young children are dependent on the diet administered to them. To ensure that the child’s diet is appropriate, several key components such as how the food is handled, prepared, stored, sanitation observance and how the food is presented contribute a great percentage to food safety (Dosman, Adamowicz & Hrudey, 2015). The danger of children under five years of foodborne diseases makes it essential to take caution feeding them. Effects associated with these foodborne diseases are so fatal and can even cause death to the child. Feeding these children with unpasteurized milk, undercooked meat, fish, poultry or eggs pose special risks to them. To prevent future complications, the food should be well cooked; hands cleaned to avoid contamination and leftovers adequately refrigerated. If the food is not well refrigerated, it gives room for bacteria growth which causes the foodborne diseases. For the food to be well cooked, recommended temperatures in different types of foods should be strictly observed.
The spread of bacteria quickly multiplies at room temperature (Brown, Dewey, & Allen, 2014). However, it can be curbed by refrigerating any unconsumed food, freezing and packing it appropriately. Frozen foods should be immediately put away upon purchase, to prevent the growth of bacteria that thrive in the open air. Refrigerated foods should be …

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