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Mentor and Induction Programs for New Teachers

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We should change the way we bring new teachers into our schools. To realize success in our schools, the proper development of teaching as a profession and achievement of learning students is critical. New educators encounter steady challenges in the starting years of their profession in their classrooms. Beginning educators are less effective when it comes to managing their students as compared to more experienced ones. This, therefore, necessitates the need for new teacher induction programs of high quality to ensure they can manage students effectively to make the education sector more successful as teacher enjoy while giving out their services hence being providing willingly. The difference between mentoring and induction is that induction is a process that is organized by the school district to support, train and retain beginning educators while mentoring is an action of helping the new teacher for his/her survival (Meister & Melnick, 2003). Many research studies have shown that this new teacher induction program increase the growth rate of the profession, provide a positive return, reduce the new teachers’ attrition rate, and it improves the learning process of students.
From an article of mentoring teachers or induction of beginning teachers in Toronto, it is established that the district school board of Toronto developed own programs for their new teachers. The goal of the program was to motivate new teachers and keep them in the teaching profession (Gray &amp…

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