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Obama’s Two-Year Education Program – A Blessing or a Menace?
The two-year college proposal plan set forth by President Obama has created a debating environment for and against the education proposal. Education is considered to be the birthright of every citizen and should have to be facilitated to the low-and medium-income group as well. The economic disparity leading towards educational disparity is one of the most severe aspects the United States is facing at the very moment.
Kahlenberg has provided a logical explanation of the fact that two-year college degree would help to minimize the educational and subsequently educational disparity. However, different commentators including Ross in Where Obama’s Community-College Plan Falls Short has also questioned the very feasibility and addressing the root causes behind crippling higher education system. Nonetheless, Kahlenberg in The Genius of Obama’s Two-Year College Proposal has provided strong logos and pathos sets of arguments in his article.
Community colleges are considered the home of more than 24 million American students that prefer because of its relative feasible as compared to the four-year bachelor’s program. Kahlenberg (1) has also presented evidence regarding the argument stating that the tuition fees of community college is around $3,260; however, on the other hand, the tuition at public four-years degree program is as much as $8,890. In ord…

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