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Category: Application Letter

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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A Drop in the Bucket
The sun shines bright casting its angry rays upon God’s creation in a reflective way giving its day’s insights to the innocent souls standing, sleeping or walking on the shore. The beach houses have their massive windows open to usher in a scenic view of the ocean bringing in the anticipated fresh breeze after a hot sun-rayed day. Night falls, and the sky is full of brilliant shiny wonders often known as the “galaxy”, for those who studied geography. Its blue color gives the sense of a dreadful day at the same time ushering in the steady breeze on the beach as the moon stands to shine on the ground brightly. On several days, the sky seems flat, and the reflected blue color on the ocean gives an opportunity to believe that tomorrow will indeed be another great day. Right now, I stand on the balcony from a luxurious beach resort, keeping my mind off what have happened in my life since I was eight.
At the age of seven, before things turned upside down, I remember the dialog between my mother and father on how we were to relocate the known old home to another state. “Mary?” my father called my mother. “We need to transfer to a luxurious apartment near the beach so our children can have the best time playing around.” “That’s a good idea,” my mother nodded as she continued washing the dishes in the dishwasher. For a while, my father kept asking my mom for the same relocation issue as my mom always seemed not interested and never talked freely about what was happening. Days, weeks and months passed and my father started coming home late and drunk. While I stood in the backyard watching the horses run around the ranch, I could always hear my parent quarreling and on top of their voices one would understand the bitterness carried deep down in their hearts. They never noticed what I was going through.
A few weeks later, my father started coming home after several days, and my mother changed even her mode of dressing and would also come home late and drunk. My little brother and I had to take our home duties to fill in the gap from the drunken missing parents. Anger grew in my heart, and no one noticed apart from my little brother who always received a slap whenever he nagged me over a small matter. My parents were never there whenever we needed them most, and this gave me the courage to make my brother the best friend of all times. He would listen to me, and we would laugh together when we sat on the couch to watch a movie. My drunken parents would always quarrel over a small thing like changing a television’s channel that irritated us all.
Nevertheless, life had to continue. Unfortunately, when I was eight, my parents divorced. My brother and I were torn into two, wondering which way to follow which led us to run away from our home for a few weeks and visited our grandfathers place. I tried to resolve every light that seemed to come my way as my parents never cared for us anymore. Years ran and now when I was twelve, I started attending a music class that made me forget my past life and made me forget the hard duties that lay before me.
Being independent was all I longed for. However, things started changing on my side as I got a place to work and play music, and my brother worked there hand in hand with me playing the drums when he was nine. At times when life becomes tough, it always better to make your road to achieving what you desire. I tried to let my parents come back together, but their views on what made them divorce never got a remedy.
Today, my father and I met in one of the local restaurants. “How is your mother?” he asked as his eyes were red as he was totally drunk. “She is fine and missing you dad,” I answered. “Just say hi for me,” my father replied. On getting home, my mother looked at me with a stern look as if I had stolen one of his fried chicken meats from the deep freezer. She pretended to be well, but I could read her mind. I tried to make her see what I have been passing through all in my life since their quarrels started, but she would not see the pain in my heart.
Being strong is what keeps me pushing on with my life. I get solace from the music I play and always pray that things will change for my brother and my parents as well. Taking a deep breath, I feel the sign of relief as today I was also lucky to get a new job that will help me cater for our bills. I stand to be a brave person with a bright future and never to get depressed. That is the story of my life, living with drunken parents. Truly, it’s a drop in the bucket.

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