Memoir Essay

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Memoir Essay
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Effects of backlog and patent infrengement Student’s Name University Affiliation Question One Research indicates that the number of patent applications awaiting approval process by the examiner is about 718,835. Practically, this is a very large number of workload as compared to the number of manpower available. Therefore, there is need to do something in haste to save or to make USPTO services more convenient and efficient(Hubel, 2012). Basically, delays are caused by long and complicated procedures that designs have to undergo before the inventor can own its right. In the initial stage,design has to be sorted to identify which class of designs it lies. On my point of view,I would...

Instructional Theories Assignment

Instructional Theories The way people define learning should relate to how institution conduct it in order to change what they know and do. However, their different designs of giving instructions; behavioral, constructivist and cognitive. They all give directions of how learning should be conducted for a better foundation of institution planning. Moreover, each learning perspective is determined by specific interpretations of the learning process as well as the required outcomes. It is thus important to evaluate the comparison of the three designs in order to understand how the differences should be incorporated into practical applications of instructional command. Many students fail to...

What We Can’t Not Know, or On Being A Theologian Of The Cross.

Name Institution Instructor Date What We Can’t Not Know by J. Budziszewski Introduction- Budziszewski presents a well-thought argument to those who believe that there is no law and that common sense of a person is what can be perceived as moral or immoral (Budziszewski 13). In other words, the group of persons has a strong belief that what they think is moral to them is the moral or accepted code of behavior and no specific law defines what is moral and immoral in the society. According to Budziszewski, there is a moral code of behavior and this moral can be learned if a person gets the knowledge about God. He believes that if a person knows God, that person will be able to see the real...

Gamer Identities

League of Legends and the Crisis of the Gamer Identity Gaming culture is not new. From the first players of tabletop role-playing games in the 1970s, passing from the graphic adventures in the 1980s; to the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games of the 1990s, the gaming culture has been growing and changing. Consequently, these otherwise scattered players have gathered under the banner of the videogames they play, creating a subculture and a sense of identification around the videogames. According to the Handbook of Self and Identity, identities are: “The traits and characteristics, social relations, roles, and social group memberships that define who one is. Identities can be focused on...

Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives

Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives Critical Thinking: American Class Perspectives Real life experiences of people do not usually fit into the very boundaries created by academic disciplines. Similarly, the economic, political, social and psychological domains are intertwined with one another and are quite mutually dependent. The social class system of the United States is also a part of very same stratum that covers the domains of sexuality, gender and color. The very same system limits and most of the times, restricts the people; however, allowing others. Color has proved to be a demarcating factor in the course of history of the United States. The development of social...

J.M Coetzee’s novel Disgrace

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Apartheid in South Africa White Privilege and Superiority in Apartheid In the seventeenth century, the English and the Dutch colonized South Africa. The English rule, however, dominated the control of the Dutch thereby forcing the Dutch to inhabit the Orange Free State and Transvaal. It is, however, imperative to note that the discoveries of the mineral deposits in such places led to the war between the Dutch and English. The results of the war led to the independence and the withdrawal of the English from South Africa. With the independence, the Dutch took over control of South Africa. Coetzee’s, a South African writer, has produced several novel that...


The primary goal of the philosophical skepticism is offering arguments that conclude in the fact that we do not have as much knowledge of the world as we believe. Hence, to understand and address those concerns regarding the things we cannot be sure about, skepticism proves to be an excellent tool to show how biased and incomplete our vision of the world can be; opening the door for myriads of interpretations of the reality, adding to our comprehension of world’s phenomena. Therefore, the question about whether our senses fail us or not has been a cornerstone in Western philosophical thought. Nevertheless, in this discussion we shall refer to two particular philosophers, René...

Blacks in the Holocaust

Name Professor’s Name Course Date Blacks in the Holocaust Background Information Holocaust was a period between 1941 and 1945 where a genocide took place in Germany under the Nazi regime. Through the influence of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Germans wanted to establish a pure German race where there were no Jews, disabled, homosexuals and other collaborators of the Jews. During this period, the Jews and other collaborators such as the blacks were systematically murdered. Blacks and Jews in Nazi Germany and other German-occupied regions were killed bringing the number to about eleven million. Adolf Hitler considered the Jews and the blacks as inferiors and hence should be wiped out. Treatment of...

Reflection Essay

The current system of education is wired to promote crass memorization of everything in all its entirety. Memorization is found everywhere in the system ranging from the school surrounding to the inside of the classrooms where teaching takes place. We memorize for exams. It does not matter where one goes to school, be in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia or anywhere, within the globe, everything is about what memory one has from the experiences he/she had in his/her college years. The memory can be negative or positive, memorable or forgettable. All the same, it is what captures the mind, stored in the brain, or any piece of device that supports memorization that counts....