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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Criminal law

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Statement of facts
Mr. John Brown had an infected tooth that Dr. Thomas Furlow unsuccessfully removed. According to Dr. John, Mr. Brown assumed a commendation that required him to revisit the doctor and instead attended a retreat that led to a bigger infection which required hospitalization (Legal Writing Project 1, 2017). On 1st March, the doctor was served with a grievance that gave him twenty days to react or else a verdict could be determined.
Was it the duty of Dr. Furlow to advise Brown on the consequences of not returning as recommended considering the infected tooth?
Could have Mr. Brown been extracted the tooth the day he went to see Dr. Furlow?
Did Dr. Furlow act with negligence by recommending Mr. Brown to return again instead of insisting on the returning matter?
1. Dr. Furlow tried to reach Mr. Brown; however, he was unavailable due to the vacation.
2. It was not possible for Dr. Furlow to Extract Mr. Brown’s tooth on the day of examination.
3. Mr. Brown did not receive an appointment from Dr. Furlow’s office on returning, the doctor only recommended that he should return.
According to Ky. Civ. 6.01, it indicates that the end day of the period computed should be involved while the day of service is not supposed to get involved. It indicates that the days of services were not amongst the 20 days (Legal Writing Project 1, 2017). The last day of a period whic…

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