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Medieval Asia.

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Medieval Asia.

Category: Controversial Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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Medieval Asia
1. A. Why Gupta Dynasty was successful
The Gupta period in India was characterized by fabulous literature, creativity, stupendous scholars and flourishing arts. Gupta was successful because of the several principles that Mauryan revived with an aim of developing an extensive empire. Gupta also succeeded because Samudragupta happened to be a great warrior and he united all the people in India as he conquered the nine kings in the north and other twelve kings in the south, therefore, expanding the Gupta dynasty. The Gupta dynasty also succeeded because of the protection that it received from its local guards who united to form a powerful army that was loyal. On addition, Gupta succeeded due to the magnificent architecture, sculpture, painting and scholarly achievements that were developed.
1. B Why Gupta Collapsed
The Gupta dynasty collapsed due to some reasons, one of the reasons why it collapsed is due to the attacks that were launched by a nomadic group that came from the central Asia called the Huns. As a result of these attacks, Gupta was left with little territory under their control.
2. How Harsha Restored the Glory of the Gupta Empire
Harsha restored the glory of the Gupta Empire by defeating the Huna invaders. He managed to unite all the small republics that existed in India from Punjab to the central India. He also ensured that there were peace and prosperity in the empire, and this attracted religious visitors; scholars and artists came from far and this helped in restoring the glory of the Gupta Empire.
3. Why Mahmud Ghazni was a controversial figure in the Indian history.
A. Hindu view
Mahmud Ghazni was a controversial figure according to the Indian view because he was considered to be to India what a Satan was to the Islam. He was involved in looting and murdering of the innocent Indians. He was viewed as being Satanic since he burnt a temple and looted tons of gold.
B. Muslim View
According to the Muslim view, Mahmud was a controversial figure since he happened to be one of the greatest conquerors who were never defeated and one who has never been seen before.
C. Why the Views are Different
The views between the Muslim and the Hindu regarding Mahmud are different because Mahmud used to loot and kill innocent Indians as he helped the Muslims expand their territory.
4. A. Why the Sui Unified China
The Sui unified China since they accomplished major feats including that one of the restoration of the great walls. They also taxed the peasants heavily and forced them into labor to accomplish these developments.
4. B Why the Early Tang Dynasty was a Golden Age
The early Tang Dynasty was a golden age because it mirrored the rising of the Han for over 800 years earlier. It was also a golden age because Kao-tsu’s sons had succeeded in defeating all the political rivals of Tang.
5. Why the Song was Successful
The Song was successful because Emperor Taizu had instituted successful policies and he had won most of his wars which led to an expansion of the empire. It also succeeded because Taizu established an imperial examination that ensured that all the officials were loyal, literate and literate. It was also successful due to the academies that Taizu had created that allowed freedom of discussion and thought. It also succeeded due to the achievements that were made in literature and arts.
6. Expansion of the Mongols under its Chingis (Genghis) and Ogedei
The Mongols Empire expanded since it was composed of a band of warriors. It also expanded because Chingis Khan had installed an armed superstructure to incorporate all the people in his empire. Chingis Khan also created an advanced government that had the most powerful and disciplined army.
7. A. What Hulagu thought of al-Mustasim
Hulagu thought of al-Mustasim to be the cause of his failure because he had failed in preparing the city defense and he had an impolitic bluster towards advancing the horde.
7. B The way Calph should have died
Caliph should die without shedding blood by being rolled in a carpet and be trampled to death.
8.A three kingdoms
The three kingdoms included the Korguyo, Paekche, and Silla. The Silla Kingdom triumphed by conquering Korguyo and Paekche.8. B. Reasons why the Koyo Dynasty was Important
Koyo dynasty was important because it was during its time that literature was cultivated. It was also during the time of Koyo when an alliance was formed between the Koyo and the Mongols. Confucianism was also introduced during the Koyo period.
9. The Articles of Reforms and the Person who Issued them
The first I article abolished private possession of land and workers, and it was issued by Emperor Kotoku. The article II developed a central capital metropolitan region, and it was issued by Emperor Kotoku. Article III aimed at establishing population registers and ensure that census is taken, and it was issued by Emperor Kotoku. Article IV abolished the old forms of tax and established new ones, and it was also issued by Emperor Kotoku.
10. A. Kenmus Restoration
It was a three-year period between the period of Kamakura and the period of Muromachi. The restoration was an effort that put by Emperor Go-Daigo with an aim of bringing the imperial house into power. The Kenmu restoration failed, and it was replaced by Ashikaga Shogunate.
B. Why Go-Daigo was unsuccessful in his Policies
Go-Daigo policies were unsuccessful since he aimed at overthrowing the Shogunate and he defied Kamukara. It was also unsuccessful since Go-Daigo failed in protecting the rights of the workers and the tenants and the workers.
D. Removal from power
He was removed from power since he lost support from the warrior class. And therefore he was overthrown easily.

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