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Medieval Asia.

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Medieval Asia.

Category: Controversial Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Medieval Asia
1. A. Why Gupta Dynasty was successful
The Gupta period in India was characterized by fabulous literature, creativity, stupendous scholars and flourishing arts. Gupta was successful because of the several principles that Mauryan revived with an aim of developing an extensive empire. Gupta also succeeded because Samudragupta happened to be a great warrior and he united all the people in India as he conquered the nine kings in the north and other twelve kings in the south, therefore, expanding the Gupta dynasty. The Gupta dynasty also succeeded because of the protection that it received from its local guards who united to form a powerful army that was loyal. On addition, Gupta succeeded due to the magnificent architecture, sculpture, painting and scholarly achievements that were developed.
1. B Why Gupta Collapsed
The Gupta dynasty collapsed due to some reasons, one of the reasons why it collapsed is due to the attacks that were launched by a nomadic group that came from the central Asia called the Huns. As a result of these attacks, Gupta was left with little territory under their control.
2. How Harsha Restored the Glory of the Gupta Empire
Harsha restored the glory of the Gupta Empire by defeating the Huna invaders. He managed to unite all the small republics that existed in India from Punjab to the central India. He also ensured that there were peace and prosperity in the empire, and this attracted religious visit…

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