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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Question 1
Medicare Part A covers hospital care, inpatient stay in nursing facility, and hospital and home service. Part B covers client and doctor lab service, prevention and operation care, and home health care. It also includes screening surgical fees and suppliers. It includes the physical and operational therapy. Part C also called Medicare advantage combines part A and part B together in one plan. It can also be combined with part D to cover drug advantage. Medicare part D is a prescription drug plan and t can stand alone (Black, 10). It covers the cost of prescribing drug, it lowers the cost of prescription drugs and protects against higher costs on future. My mother needs part B due to the regular medical checkups that it offers. My dad needs Medicare part D due to his diabetic condition which requires regular supply of drugs and insulin.
Question 2
Medicare Part C is an advantage coverage for the parents since it covers both part A, B and D, it will offer a wide range of care for the normal checkups, and the diabetic health condition of the dad. Combining part A, B and D under one plan is therefore a better option for the parents.
Question 3
For part A the cost ranges between $0 and $422 depending on the number of years taken for coverage. For part B is $182 per year and part C varies with the option C chosen. Part D also varies with the income.
Question 4
Medicare will save the parents’ money since it has an annual…

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