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Media Literacy Assignment

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Media Literacy Assignment

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Media Literacy Assignment
Literacy is understood as the read and write capability. Due to the introduction of new media technology in the recent past, a large part of the information is obtained from interwoven systems. Media literacy can then be referred to as the ability to access, evaluate, create and analyze media.
A part of the information that was surprising from the topic of media literacy is that evaluating sources is a crucial part of media literacy. It is also remarkable that from the year 2002, YouTube has collected eight years of video per day than the total number motion pictures’ years of existence. To evaluate sources, one must make sure that he or she considers the credibility of the websites or any other source (Leonard 5).
Sources about information are essential in any work done. To determine the credibility of a source, one has to consider the author of the work, whether he or she is an expert in that topic, how much research was done, the citations in work and if the sources used are appropriate. Sources must also be cited or referenced. The top sources include the books, magazines, eBooks, journals, web pages, blogs, dissertation, newspapers, videos, and images. Wikipedia is not the best source since anyone can edit the information. However, the references therein may contain better reliable information sources on the same topic.
When carrying out my research, I will ensure that I use credible so…

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