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Media Foundations

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Media Foundations

Category: Autobiography Essay

Subcategory: Communication

Level: College

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Media Foundations
A script is a vital document that outlines all necessary aspects of a given story and shows all the necessary elements to narrate that particular story. Because the film is a visual medium, it is important to display the audience the story instead of narrating it to them. In the preparation of scripts and movies, it is necessary to understand the concept of the particular film and what it seeks to represent. The film should be open and transparent in terms of structure, length, and purpose. Before a movie undergoes production, the screenplay is often written many times to ensure that it meets the necessary standards and quality that is needed.
To make a good script, one should have an interesting story to tell that will capture the attention of the audience. Once this has been achieved, and then it will be possible to motivate the audience and keep them interested in the story. Once obtained, then the entire story will flow in the desired direction. Another fundamental part of the scriptwriting is ensuring that the story has the necessary flow and imagination. To achieve this, one should employ the use of the essential functions needed for the successful implementation of the script.

Media Experience
In the perspective of the global media economy, many television and radio programs are no longer made for global consumption, but nowadays, they are promoted to be used in the world stage, and this has caused a change in the purpose and effect of the media. The world continues to become a global village and local content nowadays becomes the ready market for the international field. Furthermore, in the same way, many local media outlets continue to import foreign material, and international content has infiltrated most of the content on the media. Furthermore, the demand of the consumers is more integrated towards content from the international market, and this continues to cause issues.
Promotion of the national media in the recent years has seen the development of various sectors of the media. All these areas have witnessed improvisation ensure that they meet the needs of the entire nation. The national media economy has been able to rise considerably in recent years, and many factors have contributed to the rapid increase in this sector. The national media continually focuses on issues of nationally prominent and tends to be monotonous and non-conventional in its approach.
The media with mixed characteristics of the national and global media continues to be an entity that raises much interest in many ways. The varying consumers in the market continually demand quality media products as they contribute immensely to the promotion of both the national and global media outlets. However, there have been continual efforts to level the playing field in all these aspects to accommodate these growing interests. However, the media continues to be beneficial to the economy in various ways, and it is important to promote all aspects of it continually.
There is also the aspect of media that connects one with other people instantaneously. The growth of technology has included the growth of social media as well as other methods of instant communication. The media has experienced tremendous growth, and it is now possible to communicate with people from all parts of the globe by use of social media and new gadgets that have improved technology tremendously. Furthermore, it has led to easy communication with relatives and friends from all parts of the globe since the revolution of communication continues to be acknowledged and accepted in all regions of the world. A phenomenon has been tried and tested in recent times too much success.
Local Insight to the World
In the past days, I have watched insight to my country through the international view in the international television networks that broadcast news features, through these channels, I have been able to recognize that the outside world has a different opinion of my country that is very different to the way that I perceive it. I have also been able to read features on the internet about my home country that reveal different views too many situations, especially those that are political and socio-economical. These various aspects have enabled me to realize that there are different angles and perspectives to every story, and the media is made to accommodate all these different diversities.
Social media profile pictures have a lot to do with identity politics, especially in the view that the first impression usually says a lot about an individual. Many people believe that the personality and the character of an individual can be identified and interpreted by the profile picture of that person. This fact has a lot to do with the fact that a person usually puts a profile picture of an either himself, or a person or thing that represents his interests. In this light, the social media profile picture of an individual may be used to know an individual as recognizing their ideals and personality. Therefore, one can easily be studied or understood by their social media profile picture.

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