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Youth Welfare Speech at Bottle’s Bay Town Meeting
Ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon. I’m humbled to take this noble position here before you today and discuss with you some of my ideas on young people’s growth in Bottle’s Bay. Life gives us a large and respectable present. It is the youth. It is complete with wish, energy, information and battle of aspirations. That’s why I am very assured to accomplish my desire to see young people like me grow in our community.
However, I never meant it to be simple. As a youth activist in this aggressive community, we all experience the challenging unemployment scenario and manage the expensive housing, for which I must be genuine. So I started to worry for the long run. I am at a finish reduction as to what to do and how to do. I am not yet ready for a challenging lifestyle forward, either educationally or economically.
Bottles Bay has been a great and awe-inspiring place to be since I was born. I have known my people and the kind of life that we all have passed through to make ends meet. My great concern is for this town on the central coast to be the most inspiring place for the country and for the people who are dearly associated with its endeavors. You are all to this meeting and feel at the most convenient and comfortable place to be this morning.
I hold this notion with high power and deep concern to those people who have put their minds together to see that people from Bottles Bay have something they can achieve. Ours is a productive land in all sectors, from being a cultural attraction site to being an economically promising area. We have all heard of the new and significant innovation’s that the investors have decided to put up developed structures in the area that will offer excellent opportunities for the people who live in this region. It is my sincere trust that all people here have a hand in it despite the numerous opposition pleas from different parties.
As a youth activist, I know that the youth pass through great hardships to make it out there and get a genuine job opportunity to make their ends met, (Breiner, Heather, Parker & Olsen, 27)). Moreover, I am excited by the investor’s idea to put across new structures on the land at Bottle’s Bay. It will be a positive opportunity for the youth to have more jobs and make a living out of the earth. I am not criticizing or opposing the idea that Bottle’s Bay has been a tourist attraction place with all the artifacts and the cultural paintings. As youths, the development of Bottle’s Bay will be of significant achievement in the life of the young people and help them in securing various opportunities offered after the site completion.
The wellness and care centers to be put across will help the vulnerable youths in realizing that they also have the potential in having a real life. Those who will be in a position to establish their businesses in the region will have an excellent opportunity to enhance their lives financially. All amenities will be easily accessed which will also help many people in different ways according to the services offered. The young people have thought of putting a youth activity area that will hold all the fields in a youth life to help them grow financially, socially and psychologically. With these youth activities, many youths will be in a position to share their ideas that will improve the community status, develop new technological innovations and mentor other youths positively, (Feldman, Ofer, & Christ’l, 85).
The infrastructure will also be enhanced which will improve the fast economic growth of Bottle’s Bay and good utilization of the resources in our land. With the shopping centers to be developed in the area, the youth will get employment opportunities offered by different companies that will be operating in the same region. There will also be tourist venues where all the tourist structures in the area will be put under one roof, and tourists from different parts of the world can visit the place that in return brings foreign exchange.
I am dedicated to assisting the youth. What is it that creates a real and powerful community? Look around this place. It’s full of people who have the real sense of care and are competent and able to fulfill that caring will to the youth of Bottle’s Bay. We need an active community that observes and values the real pain the youths pass through and how the innovations and developments at Bottle’s Bay can be of help to them. With all the structures put across, it will lead to a healthy community with strong and competent people who will be the future leaders and parents of tomorrow’s generation.
As I wind up, I wish that we all have something positive towards the development of this land. Let us not see the impossibilities of this place no growing, but see the opportunities it is carrying for us and the sake of the community as a whole. Have a fruitful afternoon.
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