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Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

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Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Bioengineering

Level: College

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Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Since a career in aerospace engineering has always been my dream since I was young, I have conducted extensive research on the qualities and skills that necessary for one to succeed in this field. I understand that aerospace engineering just like all the other engineering disciplines is dynamic and requires the ability to work across disciplines and with different professionals while adapting to new challenges. By completing a degree in this major, I hope to acquire three core skills that I will apply to become an outstanding aerospace engineer. These three core skills include technical competence, communication skills, teamwork.
Technical Competence
Engineering is a technical discipline, and therefore technical competency is needed to perform one’s job. Much of the work I will do as an aerospace engineer will require technical skills. By completing a degree in this major, I hope to acquire adequate technical skills that I will apply during for a successful engineering career.
Communication Skills
To have a successful engineering career, one must be able to communicate, both orally and in writing. By completing a degree in aerospace engineering major, I hope to acquire adequate communication skills. These skills will help me to communicate with the people I work with in various projects. The skills will also enable me to understand the project plan and write good project reports.
I also expect to im…

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