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Maya Angelou showed how to survive rape and racism

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Maya Angelou’s success journal through segregation and Racism occurs during the time when segregation was real and was very sure that very many black students did not have an idea of how the whites looked. Maya Angelou thought that for her to look beautiful she had to be white. (Arensberg 44). Maya Angelou liked reading very much, but she had a sense of guilty the moment it dawned on her that the shake spare was white. It was a believer in Momma that it was not very safe for any black person to talk to any white person.

When Maya Angelou was young Momma used to start the day at four o`clock in the morning so that she could feed the cotton farmers lunch. In the evening, she would return not having enough to feed her family. The first job that Maya Angelou gets was working for a white woman when she was just ten. It was at this one instant that she realizes that discrimination and segregation were real. Her employer never took the time to know her name but she just nicknamed her Mary to show how superior she was over Maya Angelou. It was during the graduation of both Maya Angelou and her employer where a white speaker stood to address families. Among the many things that the speaker spoke about was the technological advancement in the white schools and academic improvements they had. When he addressed the black school all, he would say about their athletic developments. In his capacity, the speaker was underrating the black schools destroying what was supposed to be an event …

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