Math Problems

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Math Problems
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hacker Culture and Mitigation

Title: Sony Cyber Attack (2014) Thesis: The cyber-attack on Sony in 2014 led to a substantial loss of confidential data and was perpetuated by the political stand of the film “The Interview” that the firm was set to release. Introduction The Sony corporation as a stakeholder in the film industry Hacking activities and the Sony cyber-attack Thesis statement Cybercrime and Cyber warfare Distinction between cybercrime and cyber warfare Analysis of the Sony cyber-attack Classification of the attack as cybercrime or cyberwar fare Individuals and organizations behind cyber-attacks Which are the major categories of cyber-attackers? What drives the attackers? Role of the attackers in...

child welfare

Child Welfare Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The welfare of children is universally appreciated by all the cultures and communities throughout the globe. In every society, raising children and preparing the children for adulthood is not just confined to parents alone, rather it is a shared commitment by the entire community. Investments in the well-being of a child by the community are reflected in legal structures, social norms, and cultural mores that sanction intervention in homes where the child is neglected and abused (Fang et al., 2012). The United States has developed strong legal frameworks that value privacy, independence, and parental rights. The right to...

Comment Bank

Comment Bank High Comments 1. There has been a discernible change in { } sports world this year. It would be ideal if you keep on chipping away at these abilities over the summer. You have a splendid future. 2. Much obliged to you for your enthusiasm for { }'s schoolwork this year. With his/her continued zeal, he/she will get much fulfilment from her games work. Keep up! Great work 3. { } is a fine resident and a diligent team player. I have completely delighted in having him in my class this year. Have a magnificent summer. 4. { } has acted pleasantly this year. His/her advancement is stunning. I trust this enthusiasm and attitude will show itself in the following school year. 5. Much...

Statistic Project

Over the years, I have believed, that there is a strong correlation between age of an individual and his or her contribution towards household income. I decided to conduct a survey regarding the issue and recorded my findings as stated in this article. The overall aim of the project was to evaluate the correlation of age with household income as from recorded statistics. Methodology Data for the proposed analysis was collected through structured interviews. The participants were randomly selected from the neighborhood to eliminate the chances of bias in the sampling method. This means each and every individual in the neighborhood had an equal probability of being considered for the proposed analysis....

Analysis of how faith and belief are radically different in the Miramax film Doubt

Difference between Faith and Belief (Film Doubt) Author’s Name Institution Lecturer Due Date Introduction The film doubt depicts confluence ideas ranging from values, beliefs and faith. This facet gives the readers an insight to conceptualize varied differences between belief and faith. The principle objective of this paper is to analyze the differences between faith and religion critically. In every religious set up, some traditions contain some conceptualization of revelation. The meaning of revelation also varies depending on one’s religious set up (chapter 6). For instance, Christians, Islam, and Jewish believe that God communicates to His people in certain historical events through...

Struggles of single Parenthood

Struggles of Single Motherhood Theresa Woghiren Esso ENG/147 September 20, 2015 Health Care Struggles of single Parenthood Section 1: Introduction The increase in divorce rates and teenage pregnancies globally has ultimately led to an increase in the number of single parenthood families. In this situation, the parent focuses on his or her career, being a parent, and putting food on the table (Wilson,1993). The single spouses face challenges alone and, as a result, often find life difficult while in the process of getting back on track. From the hundreds of testimonials read about the different successful single mothers, it is evident that the socioeconomic issues faced are similar (Fawzia,...

Poetry Essay Assigment

Name Subject Tutor Date Poetry Comparison and Contrasts Poetry as an art has been used in both modern and ancient times to convey different messages. This poem attempts to compare and contrast the respective father-son relationships as depicted in Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays” and Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz.” It particularly tends to lay focus on similar and different ways the said fathers interact with and demonstrate affection to their respective offspring. My Papa's Waltz ‘My Papa's Waltz' by Theodore Roethke is about a boy who struggles in a relationship between him and his father. In the first line, the poem clearly elaborates how his father gives...

custom essay writing

Custom Essay Writing Custom essay writing has been a nightmare for some students. The head of where and how to get some of these custom writing services proves a daunting affair altogether.To become a good custom essay writer, you need a few tips that basically narrow down to an in-depth study, impeccable grammar and flow of ideas. You do not necessarily have to consume cheap custom essays if you have all the time and space at your disposal. Custom essay writing service is in itself a unique service. It enables students who are not in a position to spare some time for their projects to do so during the busy schedules of the semester. This they do in fear of losing grades due to time...