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Mary Rowlandson(A narrative of the Captivity and Restoration) and Anne Bradstreet(To my Dear Children)

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American Literature
Creativity and imagination have surrounded the existence of man for ages. Expression of various forms of talents takes different forms. These include literature, arts, and sports activities. Pieces of Literature especially has shown tremendous growth in the history of man. Critics have evaluated and assessed the various form of literature from different perspectives. Most significantly is the American literature; scholars have aired different views about the styles employed by American artists in their literary work. It is worth noting that the American literature displays a circular pattern. The pattern denotes variations in thematic presentations from spiritual to secular and reverting to religious contents. The purported cycle gets well illustrated by the analysis of Puritans, Revolutionists, Romantics and Transcendentalists works of literature.
Spiritualism according to the Puritans bases on the existence of a majestic creature God. They believed in complete dependence of human beings on the Creator for salvation and grace. There was the emphasis on personal experience with God which led to the purification of Roman Catholic churches. The author, Mary Rowlandson, in her book the Narrative of Captivity and Restoration, recounts the countless times God intervened during the Phillip war. The literature notes the miserable, hopeless and miserable situation the captives had been. They had lost their lov…

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