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Marketing Strategy revised

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Marketing Strategy revised

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: Masters

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies
Marker Y in this case study practices business to business marketing strategy. This approach refers to the exchange of goods or services, between two distinct organizations. Even though workers from the orthopedic institutions do not accept gifts offered to them by Marker Y, all the features in this strategy qualify it as a B2B marketing approach. For instance, Woodside and Glynn (2012) highlight that B2B marketing approach is the transaction of goods and services between firms; this involves patients referred from the nearby orthopedic hospitals to the therapy hospital which employees Marker Y. In B2B approach, the organization A exchanges products or services with company B for resale or use in general business. An example is a wholesale selling a product to a retailer for final sale to the consumers.
Marketer Y’s Key Selling Points
The strategies Marker Y uses in marketing the facility qualify it as a B2B approach. For example, Marker Y uses a focused plan that eliminates being casual for workers in the orthopedic facility. The case study confirms that Marketer Y did extreme research and preparation on the targeted market plus the services his organization offers. Secondly, the mode of communication was right with frequent meetings with the clients. To win over the trust of the staff from orthopedic facility and patients, Marker Y must have been polite and confident during his first introduction. It…

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