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Marketing Research paper

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Marketing Research paper

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: College

Pages: 8

Words: 2200

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This research was aimed at illustrating the need of a salesperson to push products and whether the type of product makes a difference and as will be illustrated in the report there are various reasons why salespeople push products. The type of products also matter as will be discussed in the report. The expectations of a professional salesperson were also put into consideration and a personal opinion concerning the career was created with supporting reasons discussed in detail.
A policy to ensure that a salesperson remains ethical in their advertising activities was also formulated and the various reasons to support each of the claims discussed in detail.
Publicity, public relations and corporate advertisement were discussed and illustrated in details and examples of successful applications of each of them that have been executed well in the past provided. The role and impact of publicity in the future was also predicted and guiding principles and factors that were considered in making the prediction also explained in detail.
When a product is made, there needs to be a target market for it. The product may be an existing one, or an improvement of a product that currently exists in the market. The product may also be a new one that the target market do not know about. This calls for the need of the marketing team to be able to provide salespeople who will in turn create awareness and…

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