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Marketing Essay

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Marketing Essay

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Discuss How Gaining Further Knowledge Of Academic Theory Would Help The Staff Organizing The Event “Musique By The Beach” To Improve Their Marketing.
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Discuss how gaining further knowledge of academic theory would help the staff organizing the event ‘Musique by the Beach’ to improve their marketing.
When doing marketing of certain products, one needs to have some skills that will ensure that that particular commodity is well marketed. This skills and knowledge are obtained through training, observation one’s ability and many more ways. Academic theories are very important and improves one’s personal attributes and character traits such as confidence that making was marketing an easy task. The event “Musique by the Beach” is a cultural organization of the Edinburgh Festival. It mainly deals with entertainment and many people are interested in what they do all known in The North of England. The general manager of this event, Pat has worked a lot for this organization. It has been performing well for the last 15 years financially. Since from that last 15th year, Beach has been performing poorly for four years. Through research, marketing is one of the contributing factors to failure. Academic theory knowledge will help and improve the marketing of this organization.
Market planning
Through research, planning is not something one just wakes up and find the do. Planning involves a series of processes what to do when, where and how to do. Phil Megicks, a student at the University of Plymouth, says that market planning is an important element in the marketing industry. It is not something easy doing; we may plan for something tomorrow the natural factors may hinder one’s achievement. Planning is an academic theory that will help Musique for better marketing. The organizers should plan for the place they will go marketing, methods to use in marketing and the target group as well. They should also improve from the past methods they were using in advertising; this will also improve marketing. As many fans are just within the Northern part of England, the organizers should target mainly those people living there. In market planning, one should analyze, plan then implement and lastly you control. Megicks (2010)
Knowledge helps and acts as a source of competitive advantage, completion is all over in business and even in the real world we live. Morky, one of the entrepreneurs, explains that for one to know which direction to walk about competing entities will need academic knowledge. Services and goods compete for better profit margins and trying to outdo each other’s the case of the event company, the organizers need to know what to do and use to survive in Business Company. It should take time and investigate what other companies in the same industry are doing for success. After knowing their weakness, the organizers can work toward improving their weakness. Blythe (2010)
Enterprises can make main value proposition, what organizers do is always valuable to the organization. In marketing, knowledge is valuable and ensuring better marketing, an enterprise should have the required skills to work in the marketing field. Musique as an event company should train their organizers for better performances and success.
Customer-centered service should be from a customer perception. For improvement in an organization, the views of a customer must be respected. If a customer gives a suggestion for a certain improvement, he or she must have seen it as a weakness, and the organization should work toward it. Musique Company should interview some of its customers on the weaknesses they experience on the organization and the picture they have towards that company. Then they should work to ensure customer satisfaction.
People ha two main operating skills that are physical skills and mental skills, all these two are important in marketing. For one to market a product or a physical service knowledge on the appearance and its use or the service to perform is a fundamental requirement. One can be able to provide what is seen physically and not able to do what it counts professionally. On the side of the company that is Musique, they offer a service to ensure better market, it should market its services. For this company to improve its market, the organizers should have an academic knowledge of how to do their marketing properly. Creativity is a skill obtained it is not born within, coming up with better and more activities to perform during entertainment will draw many people hence increased profit margins. Education and ethics go hand in hand with good fruits, someone who is disciplined and well educated will be I a position to promote and improve activity, as many people will be respectful of him and his ideas. Bringing the idea of sponsorship for many to acquire skills and knowledge is a good thing, for a better improvement one should do something outstanding that will help the community. Sponsors have come out to sponsor many gain skills in different fields such as marketing. Vargo (2004)
Change on the type of advertisement, the way a company was using for an advertisement may be in a way leading a company to failure. Tying other ways of advertisement will help improve its marketing. Some of the ways of advertising are in such a way that many people are used to seen them and need a better and an attractive way that will improve its marketing. Musique should use another way of advertising. Ranchod (2007)
The introduction of training seminars, to ensure the organizers get better methods and skills on how to market services and products. Many people who are in the marketing industry do not have the required skills in how to do a better marketing. Musique organizers should be trained annually for better marketing skills.
In conclusion, marketing is an activity that is important the business world, it can lead to either success or failure of one’s business. Marketing is a skill one should acquire it is not something people are born possessing. Getting in a business is risky but the results after success are enjoyable. Through academic learning, one can acquire these skills. Businesses fail but the find better ways and methods to go back to their final and original position. There are different ways one can use for better marketing of an organization. First, market planning is very essentials; the enterprises will be able to know the kind of people living around, their needs and wants. Secondly, advertising is very important; people may be bored by the same thing now and then.it is good when a business does not do good as expected, to reconsider the ways of advertisement one is using in marketing. Training will enable many to again knowledge that they previously did not have.

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