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Marcus Brutus’s actions were unjust in play Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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Marcus Brutus the Villain in Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Julius Caesar”
Marcus is one of the main characters in Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. He is portrayed as a close friend of Julius Caesar and is a man of great integrity and honor whose duty first is to the Roman Empire. Despite the friendship, Marcus opposes Caesar on principle, and he has secret misgivings about Caesar. He fears that the crown will turn Caesar into a tyrant and being of aristocratic origin, he also fears for their traditional privileges given Caesar’s political reforms. In an effort he feels for the greater general good, he ends up getting involved in a conspiracy to unseat Caesar. Despite his noble motives, his actions are unjust and have dire consequences.
Brutus’ misplaced virtue sees him head a conspiracy to assassinate and unseat Caesar, who, apart from being a friend is “the highest representative of the state” (Gutenberg.org). His actions are not based on any facts but on the feeling that the crown will transform Caesar into a different person and prove a sacrament of evil. He is a patriot at heart and a man of integrity who does what he does for the greater good of Rome and he “knows no personal cause to spurn at him but for the general” (Lklivingston.tripod.com), but his deeds are based on a delusion. He says that he has been “at war with himself” (Lklivingston.tripod.com) and Cassius gentle probing question fil…

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