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Managing Groups Revised

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Managing Groups Revised

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: College

Pages: 9

Words: 2475

Instructor’s name:
28 December 2015
Business Report on Managing Groups
Many organizations in the twenty-first century are resorting to groups or teams in institutions to better their performance and stay competitive in the ever-changing market. These groups may be formal or informal. This report is more concerned with the formal teams that are created by an organization’s management as part of its structure. The groups are adequately equipped with the requisite physical and financial resources, coupled with enough authority to execute their duties (“Definition of a formal group” n.pag.). The chief duty of formal groups or teams is to advance an institution’s aims and objectives as spelled out in its mission and policy statements (“Definition of a formal group” n.pag.). For these groups to operate effectively, proper management is required. The report herein tackles the following issues:
Forming effective groups
Managing such groups
Facing the problems that arise from their management
And the Devising solutions to help increase the productivity of these groups.
To successfully tackle the issues mentioned above, the operations of various organizations have to be looked at. This is to get a clear picture of the flaws in group management in institutions and look at ways to better the already existent solutions to those flaws. Concisely, this report talks about the aspects involved in managing groups and how the whole process can…

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