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Assignemnts 5 – 6 ORG

Management Name Institution Leadership and Hofstede’s Five Dimensions Globally, an increase in technology has brought people together; to a situation of, people of different culture find themselves together and communicating more. The Hofstede's research gives a clear thread of similarity and differences among the responses of the five dimensions. In his study, he used IBM only, which permitted him to feature the trends to national differences in cultural, mainly getting rid of the problem of differences in organization culture. The first research Hofstede did, gave the assumption that domestic population if full similar, but in reality nation can be formed from a variety of cultural groups....

Portfolio Project 2

What It Takes To Become a Good Manager Student Name: Course Number: Name Of Course: Name of Institution: Name of Instructor: Date Submitted: INTRODUCTION Leadership in economic entities is an imperative tool that sets the businesses dimension and a platform for it to meet its goals. It is a position that deserves a psychological perception where the leader is supposed to have a page of the behaviour associated with the staff so that he or she can control them. Evidence indicates that the engagement of inadequate skills towards the task will automatically attract loss of direction. Evidently, the entity endures a diminishing phase endorsing its declination from the market (Peng & Luo,...

Portfolio Project 1

MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO PROJECT 1 STUDENT NAME: COURSE NUMBER: NAME OF COURSE: NAME OF INSTITUTION: NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: DATE SUBMITTED: MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO PROJECT 1 INTRODUCTION One of the aspects that a future-oriented and ambitious person should have is the career plan. It helps one evaluate his or her career growth. It also focuses on his strengths, rather than the weaknesses (Vurnum, 2010). At the same time, it ensures an individual gets maximum benefits from his ventures. Individuals could analyze their career prospects if they had a financial plan (Robert, 2004). The plan should be able to accommodate future changes. With the changing society and the...

Sport, Soccer

IS THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE SPORTS MOST IMPORTANT IN SOCCER PLAYERS BECOMING PROFESSIONAL SPORTSMEN? USING THE UK, RUSSIA AND GERMANY AS CASE STUDIES. Name Course Date Discussion The infrastructure of the sport refers to the physical development that are meant to be used as part and parcel of a sporting activity. This infrastructure varies from discipline to discipline and has a different specification. While some sports infrastructure are used to supplement the sporting activity, some are considered an integral part of eth sporting activity and thus must be guaranteed for the sporting activity. Soccer has the best and most expensive infrastructure that is used to make it a success....

Strategies for Learning from Failure

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Strategies for Learning from Failure The society today is highly competitive. The society categorizes individuals and organizations as either winners or losers. Rarely is Failure on objectively reflected on by the society, individuals or even by organizations. This habit has led to the development of misguided perceptions about failure where most belief that failure is all wrong. However, working at Perry's Ice Cream Limited suggests otherwise. Failure is sometimes negative, but more often than not failure is healthy and constructive. The fallacy that failure is only undesirable has led to the development of a workforce and a society full of constrained...

final exam essay

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Supply Chain Management Case Analysis: Woodsynergy Inc Executive Summary A successful supply chain management system is the outcome of a process, technology and people that have been efficiently tapped when anticipating potential benefits that will be realized in the form of more profits and revenues (Geunes, Panos and Edwin 2). Woodsynergy is in the process of implementing a radical IT-based supply chain management system in two phases, and already the first phase has been completed. The second phase is anticipated in the future, and it is associated with more costs, but a potential for higher profits in the future. A strong case...

GM Turnover Challenge (one-page maximum) Mecca Cola

Mecca Cola Personally, I would be so glad to buy all the products of Mecca Cola. Just like other people, I will not hesitate to have a taste of the new products offered by this company because it provides alternative services initially provided by Coca-Cola as well as Pepsi Cola which, have of course, been dominant players in the beverage sector. As a strong consumer for beverages, I will opt for the new company because there are lots of things that have been bothering me about Coca-Cola. The first reason I will buy Mecca Cola’s products is because it is pro-Muslim and appropriate for all Muslim followers. I will settle on Mecca Cola’s products because I prefer its philosophy. As a company,...


MEMO Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation TO: FROM: DATE: November 9th, 2015 SUBJECT: Business Analysis Decision General Electric (GE) is an American company that was, arguably, the most successful company in the 20th century. The success the company achieved transcended a variety of factors, such as, business infrastructure and business development. The economic breakdown in the last decade affected the GE Capital branch of the company, leading to a major financial situation at General Electric. Coincidentally, the company had also been taken over by the current CEO, Jeff Immelt. Jeff has overseen the most turbulent times the company has ever experienced. In fact the company had its...

Eyes of Janus: Evaluating Learning and Development at Tata Motors

Name Professor Course Title Date Eyes of Janus: Evaluating Learning and Development at Tata Motors Tata Motors is a car maker situated in India, whose headquarters are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It positively responded to the competitive industry and decided to redesign the human capital strategy. In their new investment strategy, the focused on ensuring that their investments were founded on refurbishing the learning and development functions for the employees of Tata Motors. Numerous schemes were launched to ensure a learning culture was initiated in the organization. This was to ensure that the organization was stabilized in its dwellings hence increasing their revenue. This made the...