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Management is a fundamental factor in every organization

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Management is a fundamental factor in every organization. Managing people and resources can be a nightmare to an organization that does not employ effective measures on management. Management is ever dynamic with new changes that the organization is entitled to observe. Human is the central focus for both the change and management in an organization (Day & Shannon, 2016)

Management of people and change
Poor management of people leads to loss of resources. Leaders who do not exercise good management of people will not stay longer in business (Otieno, 2010). Workers when not motivated work grudgingly under the supervision of the leader. The leadership is to provide proper visions and objectives that are clear to inspire employees. There should be proper network and coordination of different departments in the organisation. Effective leadership demonstrates consistency, transparency, and honesty. It should be flexible and ready to adopt the change in line with the trends in production and marketing. Management of clients and response to their need accelerate success in an organisation.
Management of resources and change
The organisations that do not manage resources well do not grow. Adequate measurement of growth should be tracked to reflect the objectives of the organisation (Njeka, 2014). Leadership should guide and adopt the change in resource management. Employees get dissatisfied if the results of their efforts are not realised. It is, therefore, imperati…

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