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Entrepreneurship and management operations
Management operations have been widely misperceived by many business professionals due to the fact that it is multidisciplinary in nature. Management operations, therefore, involve various activities that are meant to keep the business moving and be in its best position. Some of the major management operations include planning for the present and future of business, engaging in production activities such as manufacturing and organizing in order to ensure that the balance between the outputs and the inputs in the process of doing business is sustainable enough for the daily business operations and can guarantee success in a competitive market.
Professional management of entrepreneurship firms and management operations has a lot of factors to share in common especially with the way in which business is run and the motive behind every activity. Just like in management operations, where managers focus on planning and controlling activities within the business, entrepreneurs dream and work their way out in order to make the business ideas a true success. Most successful entrepreneurs are smart managers. The nature of entrepreneurship makes the entrepreneur totally in charge of the business. (Planning the harvest, 365). It is therefore definite that the entrepreneur employs the skills of management functions in their day to day management operations. It is not obvious that a…

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