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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Case 13.2- General Electric (GE) Allows Teamwork to Take Flight
Question 1
The teams at GE play the organizing role. The role involves job design, resource allocation, and development of the organizational structure. Henderson admits to creating a self-managing factory where workers FAA certified workers undertook their duties with minimal inspection. The workers used their talents to boost team performance in respective roles.
Question 2
I think management behavior brought individuals at GE together to work for a cohesive team. Henderson traveled to other factories to establish the effectiveness of work autonomy. The management was willing to pursue self-managing factories with minimal supervision to deliver high-quality engine production. Henderson headed management focused on radical changes in the factory.
Question 3
Team members are the most important part of the story. The management introduced the idea of the self-managing factory. Team members implemented the idea using their FAA qualifications, values, and taking up chores. The execution benefitted GE’s bottom line between the 1980s and 2000.
Question 4
I think Henderson used data on efficiency, quality, attendance, helpfulness, and initiative to hold team members accountable to their actions. Using analytics could have helped Henderson to track the progress made in the factory since its establishment or according to monthly performance. The leve…

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