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Make in India Analysis

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Make in India Analysis

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Information Science

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Course: Other / Management
Make in India AnalysisIndia has emerged to be the largest sourcing point information technology industry in the world. Information technology industry of India takes the largest share of the world market and this has transformed Indian economy to a far best position. This has also led to a changed perception about India in the global economy at large. Compounded by the fact that India has a large population, this provides the information technology firms with the market from its goods and services.
In regards to the market availability and market size, India is considered to be among the countries with the largest base for entrepreneurs of all categories and a good host for startups.Accordingly, Indian Gross Domestic Product is highly benefiting from Internet economy and its expect to reach five percent in coming few years. This is because of a huge and increasing base of internet user in India as the number of social media users is growing steadily. Furthermore information technology market in India is rapidly increasing as a result of increased internet penetration in both rural and urban setting and rapid evolution of e-commerce.
Secondly in regards to investment, India information technology industry has played a key role in attracting major foreign r investment for the country due to its competencies. It has also been able to increase the rate of mergers and acquisition, especially in private equity. A lot of venture funding has also been directed toward Internet companies and this automatically increases the demand for information technology infrastructure. Indian information technology industry is also characterized by a lot of small and medium size firms that are adopting at an increasing pace new information technology products. Again this is fundamental for the survival of, HI-TECH, INC. There are also a lot of developments in the information technology industry of India that they are favorable its firms such as, there are a lot of data centers in the country and, therefore, this translates to high demand of information technology equipment and infrastructure in a broader perspective and also e-commerce as a form of new business practice is growing faster and expected to maintain such high speed of growth.
There are also a lot of government initiatives that have been carried out to propel further information technology industry to greater heights, such initiative includes the provision of public services through information technology platform and construction technology incubator in which great ideas of technological innovation are converted to tangible problem solving technological technique. It’s more important to note that India has also been receiving a lot of venture capital fund.
Politically, India being one of the largest countries in the world has a democratic system of governance. The country employs a federal system of government. The country is politically stable which is conducive for business operation; It’s worth noting that though the political environment is affected by a lot of factors such as political parties interest and different ideologies, India enjoys a good political goodwill from its leader in the promotion a healthy political environment for businesses. This is manifested in the existence of developed tax system and regular government promotion of free business.

In conclusion, analyzing Indian information technology industry and industry at large, there is all evidence to suggest that opening a subsidiary in India by HI-TECH, INC is a worthwhile venture. Analyzing the market from different angles as discussed brings the conclusion to the perspective. On another hand although the market and all influences are favorable HI-TECH, INC company faces fierce competition and for it to succeed in such environment it should devise new entrance strategies and additionally employ product differentiation strategies that will enable it to survive. Therefore ultimately the method the company will deploy in entering the market and henceforth will determine its success.

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