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make a claim about an issue of educational equity in your local context.

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make a claim about an issue of educational equity in your local context.

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Educational Equity
Patsy Mink, a former Japanese-American politician, once remarked that the problem with the country’s educational system was not the lack of choices but the inequities that continued to persist well into the 21st century. Indeed, inequities are ubiquitous in every society, and the number of inequities continues to grow with human progress. However, it is very disappointing that inequities have become widespread in academic institutions where learners are expected to stand firm against such practices (Windzio 119). Institutions of learning ought to be venues where the principles of equality and compromise are inculcated in the young generation. The growing income inequality, which is a major equity issue in institutions of learning, has led to an increase in gaps in academic achievement and the educational accomplishment of learners.
Family income is among the main factors that predict the scores for college admission examinations. Parents who want their children to perform well must be wealthy enough to provide them with the education that yields desirable results. Differences in the levels of math and reading achievement of high- and low-income students are larger compared to a few decades ago (Krolak-Schwerdt, Sabine, and Matthias 13). The situation is the same for college graduation rates. On the face of it, this might appear an obvious outcome. In any case, wealthier families can afford to take their children to …

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