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Macro Research (PEST Analysis)

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Macro Research (PEST Analysis)

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: College

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Words: 550

Pestle Analysis
Has a very stable political system where most of the activities, rules, and regulations are formed and upheld in the constitution with political interest of the nation (Bella 23). Political stability creates a favorable environment for running online fashion shop (Bensahel 20). There are no online trade restrictions that would undermine online business people.
The United States has a GDP of 18, 124.73 billion dollars and a stable growth economy. It is one of the stable economies in the world (Bayman 30). The government interest rates and the taxation rules, as well as expenditure, create a better room for running of online fashion shop (Cartwright 87).
The young population in the United States, who are healthy and employed, provides a good market ground for online products (Sahoo 38). Most people in the United States are trendy, and thus they would easily purchase trendy products (Doyle 89).
Technology has become part and parcel of the modern day. United States has not been left behind (Gronk 67). There are some industries in the United Sates that allow mass production of menswear products. The internet age also creates a platform where people can search and purchase products online from online stores.
China has a stable political system with rules and regulation that help the business run smoothly, oversees market policies, tax policies, and foreign trade regulations have all been made favorable for doing online fashion business (Heun 73).
China has a steady economic growth with a GDP, which stands at 11,211.93 billion US dollars in the year 2015. Chinese large population provides marketing. High-interest rates and inflation creates a better environment for trading (Keegan 190)
Healthy, ever growing large population and a shared market belief create a favorable social platform for trading in China.
The use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers create a chance for online users to be able to search products and purchase online regardless of location (Sugimoto 167).
A stable political system allows smooth running of the business.
With a GDP of 4,210.36 billion US dollars, Japan stands at the top of top economies of the world.
A shared culture of fashionable products would create a ready market for the trendy products (Philipsen 287).
Technology such as a use of planes, electric train, courier services among others enables the fast product delivery (Portman 20).
A democratic and stable political system creates a favorable business environment.
UK has a GDP of 2, 853.36 billion US dollars in 2015 which makes it be the fourth best in economic growth in the world.
There are young men who would like to purchase trendy products thus creating a ready market for online menswear business (Walker 56).
The UK is registered among the top internet users and with access of devices such as cell phones and personal computers; people can easily buy and sell products online.
Italy has a stable political system. Political stability creates a favorable environment that provides a favorable environment for running online fashion shop. There are no online trade restrictions that would undermine online business people (Deland 23).
Has a GDP of 1,842.84 billion US dollar that is relatively low in comparison with that of China, the United States, and Japan.
There are young and working men who go for trendy products.
The use of internet and IT infrastructure provided connectivity and communication that assists in doing E-commerce business
Political stability and democratic political system favor business activities (Julio 53).
Germany has a GDP of 3,414.48 US billion dollars which is relatively good or business ventures.
People shared belief of products, healthy and conscious population provided a ready fashion market. The only problem is that there is a small market due to the low population of young people who are trendy.
The use of digital and electronic devices creates a platform to make the purchase online easily.
Political factor
The risk regarding politics in Singapore is relatively low. It is a democratic country and enjoys the least political risk in the continent (Gronk 30). Despite political stability, there has been a restricted case of freedom of speech, thus making inter-party debates low.
Economic factor
Singapore has GDP stands at 294 billion US dollar per capita. It is a corruption free country that supports business environment (Nwankwo 245). The financial and legal framework supports smooth business. Decline in productivity, rising labor costs and labor shortages are some of the constraints facing Singapore.
Social factors
Singapore is just like so many other Eastern countries socially (Speakman 56). This is because it still has a strong traditional family base. People work hard to achieve their desire. This drives the economy. Most young people tend to copy the western values and cultures (Posner, 75). Meaning they can easily support the trendy and fashionable menswear online business.
Technological factor
Technological advancement is one of the main reasons of change in lifestyle in Singapore (Warner 45-50). Increased connectivity and communication through the internet creates an E-commerce environment with an IT infrastructure. A good reason enough why the online business would do quite well.
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