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Macbeth composition act 4

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Macbeth composition act 4

Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: Composition

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Macbeth – Character Shifts
Macbeth is a beautiful play composed by Williams Shakespeare. Macbeth being the central character has gone through one major transformation in his characteristic traits and behavior. That very difference can easily be visualized by looking at Macbeth of Act I Scene IV and Act IV Scene I.
Before Macbeth’s interaction with the witches, his character is presented as an energetic man who is true to his cause. Moreover, he considers that the authority provided by the throne is bestowed upon him, and he has to protect state’s civilians and servants at all costs. From a broader perspective, Macbeth has been seen as a man of his word having the utmost sense of responsibility towards his country and his countrymen.
However, in Act IV Scene I, It has become quite evident that besides these basic traits, he possesses a consuming ambition together with a tendency for the self-doubt to become a king. Also, this very ambition makes him feel joy in his life; however, it also discord and various turmoil in his life. His ambitions of fulfilling the expectation of becoming a king were present but not magnified. After meeting the three witches, his ambition for becoming a king grow stronger and it has made him done quite dreadful things.
All in all, Macbeth has changed quite much after his interaction with the witches as he has exploited those ambitious feelings for achieving his goals. Shakespeare has presented the character of Macbeth to portray the sinister effects of guilt and ambition. It can be translated that a weakness in character even if it quite minute, can lead to such major changes in person’s characteristic traits.

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