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Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Words: 1650

At some point in the lives of human beings, one has to experience love, one must have loved another person, or they have been loved by another person. It then seems that love can be the most underlying goal that each and every person strives to achieve. Love is the only common thing that all human beings have in common, and there exists different types of love and the immediate being filial love, that love that comes from the family members, other kinds of love includes conceptual love, friendship love, and the intimate love (Bradstreet, 12). Many people have had difficulties in finding the words that they can use to express the intense feeling of love as each and everyone experience it in different ways thus each has different meanings of it. Its meaning is neither positive nor negative, and it has its merits and demerits, but then people have to continue looking for it.
In the years, majority of the artists have written and expressed their views concerning love in different ways. The love issues started a long time ago, and the authors have passed the artistry from generation to generation as the topic has to be accepted by different individuals as the generations come and go. This essay aims at exploring the love topic as put out by different authors from the short stories of fiction of Love in LA by Dagoberto Gilb and SNOW by Ann Beattie, it will also look at the poetry talking about love especially To His Coy Mistress and To My Dear and Loving Husband by Andrew Marvell and Ann Bradstreet respectively. The drama will also be looked at e.g. The New and OTHELLO by Kelly Stuart and Shakespeare respectively.
Love in LA is a short set in the streets of Los Angeles, and that love should be kind of emotion that expresses strong feelings, personal attachment, and affection. But then in the story Love in LA, the description of the meaning of love seems to the exact opposite of what is known as the meaning of love. Jake, who happened to be one of the protagonists, shows that the definition of the word love can be expressed bin a variety of fashions and no even on of the fashions can bring any positive result as far as he is concerned. Jake portrays being lazy, poor, irresponsible and to some extent scam artist busy looking for his freedom. It shows that Jake was so much in thought about his freedom that even when he stared at the green lights of his freedom, he had no option but to wave goodbye to those who were steadily employed. Since he lacked attention and he had a crash, he forced himself into meeting a young lady by the name of Mariana, who happened to be a foreign lady and mostly naïve as she was never from the Los Angeles. The crash of fate led to being what could be seen as smooth and got the Dishonest Jake to get away easily with fraud as he left Mariana to take care of the damages he caused. Some of the themes that are quite observable in the short story of Love in LA are deception, lie, and fantasy.
In the short story, SNOW by Ann Beattie seems to be narrating a story of an unknown lady seeming to be talking to her old lover about some of the nice time they shared together. The lady recalls the details of the events that took place during the winter as they were living in the country. She is giving the information in a manner likely to suggest that she was perusing through a photo album containing the photos they took together while pausing in between the narrations to give details on the contents of the photos. She remembers a chipmunk that entered their house once as she ran to close the door. She also recalls the first they moved furniture into their house and scrap the wall to the extent that they could find the old wall papers that were put up by the former occupants of the house. She also remembers the day that had a big snow and her lover happened to have gone out and he was not able to find his hat after he had shoveled and he had to wear a bath towel and the lady was able to help him to twist on his head just like a turban (The New N.p.,). Was able to recall the way they could visit their friends and enjoy stories around the fire. She was also able to remember the snow that was wonderful and cool and she describes it as beautiful as the huge field of the lace of Queen Ann.
The narrator in this story tend to divide her attention among different memories of how she experienced the winter, how she realized that the visions of her lover on the similar events of the winter were quite different, her explanation of how she returned to the place where they found their happiness after the winter, their affairs later ended after the death of their friend Allen. The narrator tells how she sat together with the wife of Allen as they watch the rain. She ended her story that she found love and later lost it and the love in their case were symbolized by the snow.
The poets too expressed their view of what love is all about. For instance, the poem To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell describes a poem that was spoken to a female by her male lover. The poem was used by the male lover to help lure the lady into sleeping with him. The speaker in the poem argues that the lady was shy and hesitated most of the time. But then since they are human beings, the speaker thinks that they ought to taken advantage of their sensual desires as time goes by. The male lover tries to lure the female friend by telling her that all her beauty and her preserved virginity would only become a feast for the worms and that she was to offer those to him as long as she was still alive. Instead, of the man, help the lady preserve chastity and her virtue, he affirms to the lovers to enjoy their lovemaking process. As Marvell was writing this poem, he observed the classical tradition of the Latin love elegy whereby a speaker has a lot of praise to his mistress. The poem also describes how the images of a female lover are elaborated by describing the body parts. Due to love and most so because the male lover wanted to sleep with the female lady, he promises her a lot of things that he would do to respect the lady, and all these called for the two to have maximum time together (Beattie 88-95).
The poet describes different ways by which a male would honor and praise his lady just to lure her into sleeping with her. The poet goes to the extent of using the love of vegetables to symbolize how the love of the two would be growing as time goes. He promises the lady that he would never devalue her as she meant a lot to him. The poet appreciates the love of the lady by use different mechanisms since he had not enough time that could allow him to exhaust his praise for the lady. He insists to the lady their quality time will be lost after their death thus the lady was supposed to be free so that they could join their bodies sexually. As the poem goes towards the end, it seems that the man wins the attention of the lady as he compares the skin of the lady with a vibrant layer of the dawn dew and he emphasizes that they can do all their things together so that they can even become the amorous birds of prey that can freely utilize their quality time in lovemaking (Meinke 2).
Another poet Ann Bradstreet in her poem To My Dear and Loving Husband descries a personal poem composed by the poetess to her husband. In the poem, the readers can easily get an insight of the attitudes that can easily lead to love, marriage and how to view God in the love that individuals have for one another. The lady seems to value their love more than any thing on earth, and she hopes that their earth physical union will always symbolize their union will continue even in heaven. Bradstreet views the earthly love just like a spiritual union that is due to salvation and not just a mere thing. She even describes how living together and continuing with the love after death as the main hope that every Christian have.
The drama too talks about the topic love. The drama The New by Kelly Stuart features four employees who are the publishing company where they could easily chat and gossip around on how to hurl a dark new prison memoir. It describes the attitudes of the young white liberals who were busy discrimination by race and how they were willing to embrace some amorality. And those loves only exist for those who are of the same race.
For example, the drama OTHELLO by Shakespeare is set in Venice in Italy that is considered a place of love. He talks of the first two guys i.e. Iago and Roderigo whereby Iago used to take money from Roderigo for some form of arrangements and he gets upset. In OTHELLO, love is kind of force that is capable of overcoming huge obstacles but it can be striped off by the smaller obstacles (Shakespeare, 15-22). Even though love is eternal, it can e easily derailed. Love provides Othello with intensity without direction, and the Desdemona accesses the heart of Othello and not his mind thus the types of love seem to be different from character to character in this drama.
Othello later found that love in marriage need some time so that trust can be built between the lovers. This makes the enemies of Othello to work faster to take that crucial time (Beattie 102-15). The most immediate attraction between the couple is by passion and Desdemona seem to be building on the passion to have a steadfast devotion that is so serious that Othello could not easily deal with.
Iago is seen to be falsely professing love in friendship for Cassio and Roderigo and betray them at the same time. Iago believes that love is leverage whereas Desdemona believes that love in friendship for Cassio is genuine and is just being misinterpreted by Othello, who happened to be very jealous. The kind of true friendship was the one displayed by Emilia towards Desdemona as she was able to stand for Desdemona as she was killed and she ended up being killed too.
Most of the narrators, poets and even those who composed the plays seem to be explaining what love means to different individuals and why different people use varied mechanisms when it comes to expressing their feelings. And thus, love is a universal concern and all the individuals seem to have or are in the process of experiencing the love.
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