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At some point in the lives of human beings, one has to experience love, one must have loved another person, or they have been loved by another person. It then seems that love can be the most underlying goal that each and every person strives to achieve. Love is the only common thing that all human beings have in common, and there exists different types of love and the immediate being filial love, that love that comes from the family members, other kinds of love includes conceptual love, friendship love, and the intimate love (Bradstreet, 12). Many people have had difficulties in finding the words that they can use to express the intense feeling of love as each and everyone experience it in different ways thus each has different meanings of it. Its meaning is neither positive nor negative, and it has its merits and demerits, but then people have to continue looking for it.
In the years, majority of the artists have written and expressed their views concerning love in different ways. The love issues started a long time ago, and the authors have passed the artistry from generation to generation as the topic has to be accepted by different individuals as the generations come and go. This essay aims at exploring the love topic as put out by different authors from the short stories of fiction of Love in LA by Dagoberto Gilb and SNOW by Ann Beattie, it will also look at the poetry talking about love especially To His Coy Mistres…

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