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Customer ValueStudent's Name: Institutional Affiliation: Customer value is entailed in two aspects which include perceived and the desired value. The perceived value consists of the benefits that customers believe they attained after purchasing products. The desired value entails what the customers wish for in given products. Logistics ensure that there is a proper and efficient flow of the goods and services and even the necessary information from the origin's point to the consumption point mainly to meet the needs of customers (Coyle et al., 2006). Logistics play a significant role in the creation of the customer value by mainly ensuring that there is a proper plan, implementation, and...

Logistics article

Insert name Professor’s name Course/class Date Logistics Article “Performance management in supply chains: logistics service providers’ Perspective” is a 16-page journal article by Helena Forslund that presents the results of a study to evaluate how logistics service providers can actively improve logistics performance. Perhaps the greatest take on the article is the author’s perspective on logistics cost reduction and its effect on logistics performance as a variable. The article makes ten main observations. Firstly, logistics service providers (LSP) take care of all their customers’ logistics needs and act as intermediaries thereby allowing for specialization that improves...

Purchasing management

Effectiveness of Purchasing Management Aspects Name Institution Effectiveness of Purchasing Management Aspects Introduction A purchasing manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that a company gets the best deal in terms of raw material purchase. They ensure that the company minimizes the cost of production for their products so as to maximize the profit they get. Apart from cost minimization, they also ensure that they get the best quality of raw materials required by their company. In this paper, we will take an in-depth analysis of the Harris Tea Company. We will look at how Supplier selection, Purchasing cost and the use of ICT for purchasing operation and management affect the...

Transportation and distribution management

Intel in Singapore: Transportation and Distribution Management Student’s Name University Intel in Singapore: Transportation and Distribution Management Introduction While logistics involves the storage of productions and materials, freight management, and inventory control, transportation entails the flow of products and raw materials. Transportation encompasses the consignment of raw materials to the producer and flow of finished commodities to the client. Intel ensures that all its raw materials and finished products are availed at the required stations through the use of appropriate and effective carriers and Incoterms, as well as managing and maintaining a healthy carrier...


Name: Professor: Course: Date: OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES WITH LOAN PROCESSING IN A RETAIL BANK (BANK OF AFRICA GHANA) Introduction Overview of Operations & Organizational Strategy of Bank of Africa Ghana There has been an evolvement of the financial sector in Ghana. Banks are the major financial intermediaries in the country, and as such they endeavor to mobilize their customer’s savings to allocate various productive activities to benefit all their stakeholders, the investors and the nation’s economy as a whole. The banking system through the Bank of Ghana has enabled saving capabilities through low costs of transactions, which has helped streamline the industry. The bank...

UK Transportation and Logistics Development

Title Name Institution Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u UK Transportation Development PAGEREF _Toc423229969 h 3Road Transport in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229970 h 4Rail Transportation in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229971 h 4Growth of Logistics in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229972 h 5Factors that have contributed to the growth of transport system in The UK PAGEREF _Toc423229973 h 6On time and budget PAGEREF _Toc423229974 h 6Comprehensive investment PAGEREF _Toc423229975 h 6Maximizing economic benefits of the Nation PAGEREF _Toc423229976 h 6Conserving the Environment and Harnessing technology PAGEREF _Toc423229977 h 7Collaborating with the Private Sector PAGEREF _Toc423229978 h 7Give the partners more Control...

Logistics Revised

Logistics Name: Institutional affiliation: Date: Intel seeks to develop new sites and in scouting for new sites it uses various criteria for the selection of the sites. Firstly, they look at the availability of labor. Considering that the production of items if labor intensive, it is important that the site chosen should have enough labor that would ensure the production is maximized. Secondly, availability of good transport networks, especially water. This is created by the fact that water transport is cheaper for the company as it transports its products and raw materials. Government incentives also play a big role; higher incentives attract investors more easily. The presence of ready...


Name: Professor: Course: Date: Upstream Risks and Vulnerabilities Question One For situation A, there is a form of flooding of suppliers in the same geographical region. The two Tier 3 suppliers have the mandate of supporting the three Tier 2 suppliers, and involves the risk of geographical concentration. The suppliers in the situation are all located in a flood zone, and this is often risky for the downstream buyers who end up having low supply capabilities. The situation also has a greater upstream risk to other suppliers on the same level as competition becomes stiff. Buyers in the lower downstream level are the ones who often suffer from such a situation because of their vulnerability...

Four Stars Industries Logistics

Four Stars Industries Logistics Question 1. Four Star Industries faces four principal problems in its mattress manufacturing operations. Firstly, the pressure from activities that ranged from manufacturing to assembly and quality control is passed on to workers causing them to be dissatisfied and contemplate leaving the company. This is seen where the company previously produced 13 mattress models but now produces 230 models to require more work with the potential for increasing the turnover rate. Secondly, the company is experiencing reduced sales volumes every year. Thirdly, stock-outs of slow-moving mattresses and poor inventory management. Fourthly, declining order refill rates as a result of...