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In his reference, Fr. Arrupe cited the “least of neighbors” which supposedly refers to the less fortunate or the have-nots in the society. In our current world, people compete amongst themselves for ways in which they can make a living. The rise in social status quo is really growing. It has become difficult for us to think about the society because we want to be rewarded for anything we spend our time and resources on. In this day and age, the majority only agrees to a task if there is a reward for it; they care less whether or not what they do will create a positive impact on someone less fortunate than them, CITATION Ped74 p 15 l 1033 (Pedro Arrupe 15).
What Fr. Arrupe meant in his quote I think is that whatever people involve into should be selfless and without any concealed intentions. However, we have to appreciate that our charisma in the lives of people around us should result in friendship and impartiality. By the quote “our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others, who believe that a love of self or of God which does not issue forth in justice for the least of their neighbors is a farce,’’ Fr. Arrupe meant that the major purpose for educating men and women is so as to create a sense of social awareness in scholars.
We all know that in these current times, it is very easy for us to stay reserved living our own lives without having to care that our actions can have either a positive or a negative impact towards humanity at large. Most of the times we are so tied up by our busy schedules that we fail to extend a hand. One person, I know that is neither my teacher nor my parent that has worked in defense of Justice for the benefit of their neighbors is Bill Gates. Gates is one very well know entrepreneur in the personal computer revolution. He is an American computer programmer, business investor and a philanthropist, CITATION Chr14 p 32 l 1033 (Elias 32) .
Bill Gates has pursued various philanthropic endeavors by donating a lot of money to a number of charitable institutions and programs for scientific research. He established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the year 2000. This private foundation is known to be the biggest and the most transparently operated non-profit making organization worldwide. Its major objectives are to entirely ensure enhanced health care and help the extremely poor people worldwide. In America, the foundation helps to increase the opportunities for education and ensure accessibility to information and technology, CITATION Tom02 p 40 l 1033 (Ark 40).
In 2008, Gates started spending his time away from Microsoft and devoting it to the foundation that has helped many that are commonly referred to as “the least of their neighbors” by Fr. Arrupe. If I can refer to the Bible, it commands us to love God and our neighbor. It further fuses the two and says that “what you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.” As a Christian, I believe that I will be expelled or contained in God’s Kingdom depending on the attitude I hold towards the oppressed and the poor; those identified for human injustice. 
Jesus associated himself with the oppressed, miserable and the poor and He unusually calls them His brothers. Therefore, my understanding is that by helping the less fortunate in the society is working for justice for the least of my neighbors.
The other person we all know that is a good example for having worked for justice for the least of her neighbors is Lady Gaga. She founded the non-profit making organization called Born This Way Foundation in 2011. She aims at inspiring the youth empowering them to be brave and building better communities. The mission of her foundation is to nurture a society that is more accepting, embracing differences and celebrating individuality. She dedicates everything to creating a community that is safe and one that helps young people connected with the opportunities and the skills they require to create a braver society. It nurtures and protects the vulnerable against abandonment and bullying, CITATION Smi12 p 23 l 1033 (Jessica 23).
These works of justice consist of three things. The first one is a necessary attitude to respect everyone, and this prohibits us never to use anyone as a tool for our self-benefit. The second is the solid resolution not to allow ourselves to be corrupted by power and positions obtained from privilege. This is because, by doing that, even submissively, is the same as active subjugation.  Privilege drugs us to our comforts and by this we contribute to injustice as silent recipients of what injustice brings forth. Thirdly, a mindset not merely of denial but retaliation not in favor of injustice; a choice to work together toward the destroying unjust societal structures in order for the marginalized, oppressed and the weak in the world to be free.
To conclude, men and women should understand justice as it gets clear in the Gospel and the Revelation. We hold tomorrow’s future and the generation that will succeed us, should be obliged to work in defense of Justice for the benefit of their neighbors!
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