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Liu Wen Express

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Liu Wen Express

The article Liu Wen Express depicts a journey of determination and success regardless of the hurdles people go through. Liu Wen is one of the most renowned Chinese models with an appealing profile in the fashion industry. The protagonist’s history portrays no kind of favor or advantage to the career path she chose. Ms. Wen grew in a primitive and naïve environment in Hunan, China. During her early years, the area was not much of a civilized hub, with traditional and cultural practices dominating the area. In fact, the country had not embraced fully the contagious fashion cultures that were trending in the western states. However, regardless of the obstacles that stood on the path to success, Ms. Wen was determined to face the challenges by making a career out of modeling.

The article explores Liu Wen’s journey to a new world, which she had not experienced before. Her first move to a new city of opportunities was an expression of fortitude. Gradually, she nurtured her interests through research by reading thousands of fashion magazines. Secondly, she engaged actively in the industry, forcing Joseph Carle to discover such a rare talent. The meeting with the Marie Claire director would later be her gateway to success. The article depicts Ms. Wen as a character of unique beauty with significant influence in the industry. She appears as a model whose quest for knowledge and career growth is unquenchable. Nevertheless, In the face of her successes, she is hum…

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