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what is media design

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date What is Media Design? Media design is one of the most important ways of communication in the world. If we stop for one second and compare how the communication design was during the 1893s to now, then we would understand that technological development has taken a big step. Through the developments, we can keep in touch and know what is going on around us and the world. The year 1893 is important because an inventor demonstrated the first wireless radio. It was the only social media platform that was used as a source of information. However, the radio is still an essential element in our life. Every year the technology changes, as well as...


Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Representation of Social Groups in Macbeth In Macbeth, William Shakespeare portrays societal segregation into different social groups. Most importantly, the society in the Elizabethan era is divided into royalty/kingship and commoners/citizens (Gibson 11). The kings are taken to be chosen by God to rule over others or in other words; they are depicted as God’s representative. Shakespeare represents the Elizabethan era in this way to show how kings ruled and citizens suffered at the expense of politicians’ hunger for power. Ross is right about the cause of Duncan’s death when he says, “Gainst nature still! Thriftless ambition that...

To the Lighthouse Chapter nine

Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse, Chapter 9 questions Lily Briscoe feels that Mrs. Ramsay is mistaken into thinking that marriage is the best kind of life that a woman must have, she thinks that Mrs. Ramsay is trying to control other people’s destinies by engaging in matters she does not understand. Lily feels that Mrs. Ramsay and she does not represent the same generation and therefore the differences in how they think about marriage, she feels that Mrs. Ramsey is a conservative while she belongs to a modern world where marriage is not everything or source of joy to a woman. As the evening approached, Lily Briscoe realized that the...

Romeo and Juliet – How does shakespeare express the theme of love and death throughout the play?

Romeo and Juliet Student name Institution Date Introduction Montague and Capulet’s families played a very significant role in this play. Romeo and Juliet is a book about two young people who were lovers, but from the beginning, their love was destined for separation and destruction simply because of the rivalry and hatred that existed between the two families. Generally, love is a powerful emotion that is wanting, appreciating and accepting others and makes them feel good. In the play, Shakespeare portrays different ways in which love was demonstrated and later the theme of death. The paper explains different ways the author brings out the theme of love and death. Themes of love and...

The creation of the US Flag

Name Instructor Course Date The Creation of the US Flag Introduction Many authors have written about the US flag. Reading such works is good because it helps one to understand the efforts of the founding fathers that painstakingly fought to ensure the future generations would have better lives than they did. Whereas some of the information, about the flag, is true and can be proven, there is no evidence to back up some information. There is evidence to prove the information about the earlier designs of the flag and the reasons for the current design of the US flag, but there is no evidence about the creator of the first flag of the nation. The history of the designs of the flag The flag...

The effect of social media on teens

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Effect of Social Media on Teens The use of social media sites has become the most common practice in teenagers. All websites that have a social interaction capability are classified as social media site, for example, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; gaming sites and virtual worlds like Second Life and Sims; video sharing platforms like YouTube. This platform provides teenagers with an avenue for both entertainment and interaction and has advanced significantly over the last few years. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the nature of these platforms since not all can be considered safe environments for teens....

The harlem Renaissance

A Rose for Emily Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract In crafting a work of fiction, authors use different elements. Among the elements that go into pieces of writing are setting, plot, and character. These elements need a lot of author’s attention because stories revolve around them. Character and setting play a crucial role in driving the plot events in a story. The role of a character in a story is crucial. A reader will only be interested to read the whole story if he or she connects with the characters in the story. Every story revolves around a character doing a thing or planning to do something for a reason. The reader of a story needs to understand why the main character acts the...

The Modern Proposal By: Jonathan Swift

Name Instructor Course Date Critical analysis of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modern Proposal.” In the late 1800s, Ireland faced the challenges due to conflicting ideologies that different intellectual and non-specialists perpetuated through their pamphlets. However, the controversial author Jonathan Swift went against all these odds to write his book “A Modern Proposal” to construct a different satirical proposal to the citizens of Ireland of the time. He rejects the evils of the state of Ireland and supports the ethical ideas. This paper will analyze the novel A Modern Proposal through the evaluation of the overpopulation and famine as the author describes them. The analysis is going to...

The Pen Plotter Computer System

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The History of Computer Art ‘The Pen Plotter’ In the current era, computer technology has rapidly developed to cater for the growing demanding needs in most of the fields. Significant strides have taken effect in technology innovation, and this has seen more sophisticated computer technologies that are more advanced compared to the prior past technologies. Conversely, computer technology has increased its fields ranging from businesses, factories to even military fields. In the military, the implication of Pen Plotter technology has primarily developed a continental air defense system. This has catered for a considerable reduction in some of...