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A literary work is the expression of a creative mind. The writer uses his imagination to present his/her ideas in the most beautiful words. But the fact remains that readers do not always perceive the work in the eyes of the writer. He reads and explains every event according to his thought processes and this gives us various interpretations of the same work. Moreover, a novel, when it is visualized in terms of a movie, things take a further turn and become one of the most popular movies of the time.
Let us consider the novel “The Turn of the Screw” that has been read as well as portrayed as a movie. Henry James has presented a story that seems to be quite real along with the influence of the ghost. Although most ghost stories are not considered to be real, this one has a different appeal as it has been put down in words and makes it more credible. The governess, who tells the tales of ghosts, is actually trying to defend herself as she undergoes a battle of self-identification crisis and tries to blame the ghosts (Holland 784).
The same story has a unique appeal to the audience as a movie. The story is portrayed through flashbacks and the governess Ann who is to take care of her pupils begin to imagine things after hearing the past stories of the family. Since no one else can see the ghosts that she talks about, she feels that the students most probably were involved in the death of Quint and Jessel. The story takes a twist and in the end the police find Ann holding on t…

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