Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis Essay
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The lay of Richard

In a land now lost, lived Richard, a soldier whose potent arms defended the kingdom from its foes, and granted him many riches and accolades. Yet, Richard was not a saint, as he had an impediment. For his weakness was women, whose pernicious influence had made Richard falter many times in battle. In the heat of the moment, Richard got carried away, and with full force defeated his enemies, only to return to his tent, to unload his manliness in the womanly vice of the lady who waited him in the camp. Nevertheless, Richard's integrity was exemplary, as he was a paragon of virtue for all his men. In the day, he was a brave warrior, decimating enemies, without hesitation. In the night, he was a fierce...

vocabulary composition act 3

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date The Death of Richard Richard stood in the guardhouse, a tedious duty imposed on him by the count, who out of malevolence decided to give him the most tedious of duties in the whole castle. The count the most horrible kind of man you could think of, a treacherous scoundrel who murdered his own brother out of spite, just because he dared to say something about the way the count dressed. A madman, who did not think of anyone but himself. The sun shined, and fell upon Richard, who was starting to feel the exhaustion and the weight of his chainmail upon his shoulders. His punishment was to stand guard there until he fainted, as the count refused to...

Environment – A Personal Outlook

During the weekends, I like to spend my time associating myself with nature. However, my thoughts are quite commonly clouded with the deteriorating environmental conditions. I cannot find that much diversified animal breeds that I have seen five years before. The fact of environmental diversity reduction is in fact quite perturbing for me and I consider it as steady but slowly developing recoil in response to human activities. Besides these very outlooks, most of the peoples are living their oblivious lives that it would become better one day or another without purging out the contributing factors in it. Surely, petty concerns can never yield better results in making this world a better place to...

a story in the style of the author

Student`s name Instructor`s name Course no Date Introduction Gary, who is a Mexican-American grew up in a neighborhood not so big, nor developed enough to the point where they did not have luxuries or exotic lifestyle but that survival. In order to survive one had to have at list two or more jobs to make ends meet. One day as he was watching a favorite televisions show he encountered a moment that got him thinking about his life and the things he would want to achieve for his future family and himself. Still in his flash forward of his life he wounded, “is this actually how life is.” Being a nine-year-old, he begins searching for occupations in his neighborhood. In the wake of doing two...

Speech an the Sacred: Does the Defence of Free Speech Rest on a Mistake about Religion? by Andrew March

Speech and the Sacred: Does the Defense of free Speech Rest on a Mistake about Religion by Andrew March Name of Student Name of Institution Guilt as a moral compass; this is more so often used by religions in determining whether or not an individual could be considered acceptable or morally proper. The capacity of speech to impose guilt is a very important factor that becomes a determinable source of tension among individuals who may think differently about religion as a moral compass. Liberal thinkers often consider religion to be a binding unit that makes a definite sense of impact on how people live their lives as they are bounded by rules . Liberalists, however, think that humans ought...

How would the spirit of Manifest Destiny guide the destiny of hundreds of Native American cultures

Manifest Destiny Name Institutional Affiliation Manifest Destiny The late 1840s marked a period of american expansion. The lection of James K with just a small margin, the annexation of Texas and incorporation of Oregon Territory showed a feeling of nationalism and vobrancy among the Americans. Manifest Destiny came as forced aimed at territorial expansion. It is a belief that God had given Amercan a devine role of expanding the territories in the name of Christianity and democracy. There are two other seconday reasons to explain Manifest Destiny, as industrialisation increased in the Northeast; the ordinary white Americans embraced the opportunity to move Northwest and acquire land. Of...

Microsoft Corporation

Student's Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Microsoft Corporation Company History Microsoft Corporation was established in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen with the mission of putting a personal computer on all desktops. Currently, the company is leading on the planet and dominating in several fields. It is one of the Fortune 100 companies and has an impressive collection of assets, partnerships, worldwide operations, clients and competitors. The corporation is responsible for the manufacture, authorization and maintenance of software used in computing products and gaming solutions. The products response for the generation of the most income is Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office...

persuasion or propaganda

Propaganda and Persuasion Name: Institutional Affiliation: Propaganda and Persuasion During the 1918 Russian Civil War, there was news depicting Leon Trotsky as the leader of the Red Army. The news was accompanied by pictures of a dragon with a top hat that were used to describe the head as the fighter in Saint George advocating for communism. It was regarded as the main weapon against capitalism. The title of the news associated with the leader was the theme of counter-revolution printed on the picture. The Russian diverse interests in capitalism, socialism and monarchism required massive support for the Red Army...

effective/ineffective communications

Effective/Ineffective Communication Name Institution Effective/Ineffective Communication Part A. Experiences with effective and ineffective communication It is my experience that communication can either be effective or ineffective, dependent on what the message was coded and decoded. In this case, accurate coding and decoding to retain the original framework and message results in effective communication. In fact, effective communication results from a shared expectation, understanding, and context of the exchange. For that matter, ineffective communication would result from differences in the framework, expectations, context, and understanding that interfere with the coding and decoding to...