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infants’ ability to differentiate between dialects in their native language

Infants’ Ability to Differentiate Dialects in Their Native Language Name Institution Introduction. This research focuses on the ability of infants to differentiate phonetic discrepancies between the Southern and Northern dialects in the English language. The following research questions are within the scope of the study: Do children make a distinction between dialects in their native language? Are younger infants able to differentiate between phonemic contrasts? Literature Overview. A literature overview on Speech perception research studies has proven that infants are sensitive to the fine-grained differences in expression. In the last six months of their first year of childhood, there...

Why do teenagers rebel against their parents?

Name of Student Name of Supervisor Subject Code 14 May 2015 Why do teenagers rebel against their parents? There is an eternal friction between old and new. Mankind gets both enhanced and suffered by this friction. The most prominent area of this friction is generation gap which evolves a communication gap between teenagers and their parents. However, this rebellious nature cannot be dismissed by merely giving the fate of generation gap. Various external as well as internal factors provoke a teen to break the norms be it for good reason or bad. It has opined that time nurtures each generation in completely different ways and the development of thought process changes and neither the teenagers...

Article Review

Article Review: Language Change Television can also be a Factor in Language Change: Evidence from an Urban Dialect (Smith, Pryce, Timmins and Gunter, 2013) Summary of the Article The article considers two instances of language change in the Glaswegian vernacular dialect, the the-fronting (pronunciation of "the" as "f" or "v") and the l-vocalization (pronunciation of the "l" as a semi-vowel). These morphological features are not found in the Glaswegian variety of English but the Cockney dialect of London. Hence, this article discusses the changes Glaswegian pronunciation has undergone in the past years as well as the speech changes in Glaswegian teenagers. Consequently, the article seeks...