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Life Experiences at the stages of my entire life

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Life Experiences at the stages of my entire life

The human race has suffered very many factors in recent time just because of some decisions that were made by particular groups of people. When European countries started carrying out slave trade, it was the origin of inhuman tendencies and practices like racism and discrimination. As a matter of experience, it has been observed that most people are segregated just because of their color. However, some people are discriminated just because of places they come, for instance, some students feel unsettled sharing a desk with an international student from Africa or any other continent. The intention of racism in never clear, whoever much you may try looking into the racist cases, you find no reason for the practice. Sometimes racism makes some students or people loose morale in whatever they do. It is so because they are forced to think they are nothing to the society. Some of them end up committing suicide while others create antagonism with the abusing side.
Many countries in Europe still face the challenges of racism, though some of them like England try to protect every individual from severe charges imposed on racists. For instance, the English Premier League supporters make racist chants against foreign players. No matter the color of individuals I believe we are one in the eyes of the Lord “Nelson Mandela said.” The beauty of every human being in the universe is never their color but having a sound mind and a pure soul.

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