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lgbtq community

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lgbtq community

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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LGBTQ Community
Lesbian, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Questioning Youth are many in systems such as the juvenile delinquency justice system and the homeless people. LGBTQ youth in such systems go through a lot of challenges. These include harassment, physical violence, rejection, and suicide attempts. LGBTQ is a combination of terms which refer to a person’s partner attraction and gender identity. Lesbian is a female person romantically attracted to a fellow female (Cindy 24). A gay is a man attracted to a fellow male. Bisexual refers to a person whose gender isn’t the first way of attraction. Transgender refers to people whose gender identity differs from the cultural behaviour of the sex given at birth. Questioning is the way which individuals evaluate and consider their sexual conduct and gender identity. In the middle of four to ten percent are people who are under state care and they have openly confessed they are LGBTQ despite them being young (Cindy 26).
Jennifer (70), addresses how discrimination leads to health inequities for people who are stigmatised. LGBTQ individuals are at high risk for different health outcomes when they live in states that don’t provide equal protection to them. Some states and governments have proposed rules and enacted laws which allow citizens to discriminate LGBTQ people. An example is Arkansas Act of 2015 which prevents governments from providing civil rights protection for LGBTQ persons (Jennif…

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