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Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

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The benefit of implementing non-discriminatory policy toward LGBT in the workplace
Even though various studies have been done to offer recommendations for protecting and meeting the needs of the LGBT people in the society, they still face some challenges (Theriault, 124). The hurdles emanate from the fact that some people do not respect the rights of LGBT individuals. For instance, the Arkansas state laws express the extent of the LGBT discrimination, by instituting laws that prohibit the protection of their civil rights (Pomeranz 67). According to a Pomeranz, the separation of the LGBT in the society remains a contentious issue, especially in the workplace (71). Despite the various policies that prohibit workplace discrimination towards LGBT, they still experience discrimination mainly due to some employers prejudice (Theriault 124). Therefore, there is need to promote more diversified workforce in the workplace that will lead to increased productivity in the organization.
First, a related study on the multilevel approach of ensuring inclusiveness explained that respecting the right of the LGBT community will not only provide a conducive work environment for them but will also increase their productivity ( Theriault 121). Labor productivity determines the quality and quantity of the organization productivity. Increased labor productivity will translate to more profit and reduced operating cost.
As suggested in a previous study, nond…

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