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Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation

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Level: Masters

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Recommendation letter
Dear Admissions Committee,
It is my pleasure to recommend you for consideration in your college. She is a bright student who believes in herself. She tends to work hard on every task assigned to her. This hard work is evident from her high school academic records that have impressed not only her parents but also the teachers as well. Due to her high intelligent quotient that enables her to solve the classroom mathematical problems without much difficulty, she has a special interest in Mathematics as a subject hence Mathematics remains to be her favorite subject. I was once her Mathematics teacher for Algebra to be precise. During that duration, I observed that this young lady puts in more efforts in order to understand the new concepts.
<Insert name> is interested in studying either fashion design or criminal justice in the college. It is my passionate appeal to you that you consider admitting her in your college so that she fulfills her childhood dreams. While enrolling her in your college, be sure you are enrolling an additional manager and a team leader in your institution. This is supported by the admirable work she did as a Basketball Manager under my direction. Apart from keeping proper basketball statistics, she helped in organizing the school equipment. Apart from her great intellectual ability, she has a positive mind that allows her to make necessary adjustment in time whenever she is corrected. She is an honest, dependable, and hardworki…

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