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Legalization of medical marijuana

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Legalization of medical marijuana

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana comes from the same hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. However, it is normally used as unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts which are used to treat a disease or symptom of a certain disease (“DrugFacts: Is Marijuana Medicine?”). According to a survey report, majority of doctors claimed that medical marijuana should be legalized under consideration that it has some real benefits towards patients. Nevertheless, marijuana is perceived as a drug worldwide; evidence shows that there has been a remarkable support of legalization from doctors than consumers. In addition, there have also been other dramatic stories of families immigrating to Colorado which is a state that has legalized consumption of medical marijuana. They had moved to Colorado to seek strain of marijuana to cure their children’s seizure disorder. This scenario develops a perception that medical marijuana can be used as a potential option for treating some medical problems. Moreover, medical marijuana should therefore be legalized nationwide since it is remarkably beneficial in treatment of a range of illness or symptoms.
Consequently, it is scientifically proven that medical marijuana consists of a chemical called cannabinoids. However, this chemical has led to two FDA-approved medication since it is considered to treat several diseases and symptoms. The cannabinoids chemicals are perceived to be related to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol that physicians critique identifies as the mind-altering agent. The body as well produces its cannaboids that are considered to play a major role in regulating pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, time movement awareness, appetite, pain and the senses(“DrugFacts: Is Marijuana Medicine?”). However, if the body becomes weak and unable to produce its cannaboids due to illness, therefore the cannaboids from the medical marijuana could of help in this case. The THC and CBD are the chemicals found in the cannaboids of marijuana plant and they are the main components that are considered beneficial in medical purposes. The FDA-approved that the THC are proven to increase appetite, reduce nausea, decrease pain, inflammation (swelling and redness) and also control muscle problems (“DrugFacts: Is Marijuana Medicine?”). On the contrary, the CBD which is also a cannaboid of medical marijuana is considered to be useful in reducing pain and inflammation. In addition, research reports that it does not have any effect on mind or behavior hence useful in controlling epileptic seizures and treating mental illness and addiction. In addition, scientific research has explored more uses of THC and CBD which gives more solid reason to protest in support of legalization of medical marijuana. For instance, a reports shows that purified extracts of THC and CBD may be useful in killing certain cancer cells and also a reduce size of some others. This research was conducted on mice and showed that purified extracts of THC and CBD in collaboration with the use of radiation, increased the cancer-killing effect of the radiation (“DrugFacts: Is Marijuana Medicine?”).
The medical marijuana has been legalized in twenty-three states and some districts of Columbia despite remaining illegal under the federal law (“Marijuana Legalization and Regulation | Drug Policy Alliance”). However, the remaining states that have not legalized have remained at stake of legally not accessing it due to limitation by the law. On the contrary, the medical marijuana patients of these remaining states that have not legalized use of medical marijuana are forced to move to states that have legalized. This is as a result of seeking medical attention related to the use of medical marijuana. However, rapid movement affects the economy through increase in illicit markets and decrease in population census of a state. Legalization and regulating medical marijuana will lead to creating employments and eradicating illicit markets and rapid immigration. On the other hand, the significance of legalization will enable patients who are suffering from serious illness to access easily medical marijuana (“Medical Marijuana Access for Patients | Medical Marijuana Laws | Drug Policy Alliance”). Basically, it is the best medicine for them especially for cancer and AIDS patients since it relieves their pain and suffering and treats symptoms of their medical condition without causing side effects. In addition, legalization will thwart researcher to engage themselves in doing more research to uncover the most effective use of medical marijuana and informing the consumers about the cannaboid profile and potency they consume. (“Marijuana Legalization and Regulation | Drug Policy Alliance”)
On point of view, it is evident that legalization of medical marijuana has more support among US doctors (Preidt). Arguably, the reason behind this dramatic support is the claim by doctors that medical marijuana can help with certain conditions and treatments. According to report, 67% among the doctors who were interviewed during a survey claimed that they believed medical marijuana can be used as a treatment option of patients. In addition, cancer specialists (oncologist) and blood disorder specialists (hematologists) were the main supporters of legalization of marijuana (Preidt). As mentioned earlier, marijuana contains cannabinoids compounds that are considered to bind body receptors. The medicinal use of marijuana mostly suits patients with blood disorders since the mechanism of binding body receptors leads in increasing the heart rate and blood pressure therefore it might dilates or relaxes blood vessels. Furthermore, medical marijuana pills and sprays are recommended for use after being considered that they much further better to ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis when compared to other alternative therapies (Salamon).
In conclusion, medical marijuana is remarkably purported by numerous evidence regarding its benefits towards medical use. However, it is conserved that it is useful in a range of illness and symptoms such as cancer, AIDS, disorders and Sclerosis. It eases pain and inflammations caused by these diseases. On my point of view, legalization of medical marijuana will not only be beneficial to diagnosed patients only but to the nation at whole. In addition, the legal market of marijuana would lead to creating employment of jobless people and also boost the economic growth of the nation at whole. The most significant factor that will arise as a result of legalization of medical marijuana is that marijuana patient will not be forced to move out of their states in order to access it.
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